Frequent contradictions regarding the health of children. Who is right?

Frequent contradictions regarding the health of children. Who is right?

Medical contradictions or controversies are common in everyone's lives, but many of them are reflected in the choices we make for children. How many times have you not been told that acetaminophen is better than ibuprofen in children or vice versa? Or have doubts whether orange juice is better than apple juice? After all, who is right? Let's clarify some of the most common misunderstandings!

Acetaminophen or ibuprofen?

Specialists argue that when it comes to pain management and lowering fever in children ibuprofen is better than acetaminophen. The former has been shown to be more effective in pain caused by sprains, fractures or other injuries. In addition, ibuprofen has the ability to be anti-inflammatory as opposed to its counter-candidate, which also helps reduce swelling or other inflammation and has a longer-term effect than acetaminophen.

Simple soap or antibacterial?

There is no evidence or study to prove that antibacterial soaps are more useful and effective than other types of soaps. It is true that they help to combat the many diseases caused by bacteria that enter the body from the hands of children.

But most of the common diseases in children like colds, flu or intestinal disorders are mostly caused by viruses, and antibacterial soap helps little in this regard. In addition, specialists are concerned about a component of antibacterial soaps. These contain triclosan which has been found to increase germ resistance to certain antibiotics.

TV or video games?

The child should not spend too much time on any of them. But video games have certain advantages over using the TV. In the games the child is often involved physically and actively, and his mind is put to the contribution. While on television, he only watches certain programs, without contributing anything to his development.

Rectal or ear thermometer?

Doctors argue that the most effective in measuring the baby's body temperature is the rectal thermometer. In addition, the ear tremometer is much harder to use and requires precise fixation for accurate results.

Nuggets or burgers?

If you can no longer cope with the child's requests for certain foods usually prohibited in his diet, such as nuggets or burgers, then choose the latter. It seems that burgers contain 3 times more iron than small chicken tendrils, which helps fight anemia, a common disease among children.

In addition, nuggets are usually fried, while burgers are grilled. And beef is a better source of protein than chicken. Pills add calories to the weight of the baby and help increase blood cholesterol. The best thing to do is to avoid buying them semi-finished or ready-made foods from supermarkets or fast food and prepare them yourself. They are much healthier because you use fresh ingredients and avoid preservatives.

Apple or orange juice?

You probably think that both are harmless and have multiple qualities for the baby's health. But doctors warn that apple juice can cause digestive problems for the baby, such as diarrhea, bloating, cramps. There is also an imbalance in the content of apple juice between fructose and glucose, which makes it difficult to digest from the stomach of chickens. The orange juice is more "friendly" with the belly of the little ones and contains equal doses of fructose and glucose. It is also often fortified with vitamin C and calcium, which is extremely beneficial for the health of children.

Drinking or bottled water?

Hard to believe or not, the specialists argue that the best choice for children remains tap water or drinking water. It is rich in fluoride, which is an advantage for children. If they do not get enough fluoride they have problems with teething, and early tooth loss may occur.

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