Involvement of the partner during pregnancy

Involvement of the partner during pregnancy

Pregnancy is not an experience you have to face alone or enjoy yourself. You may be the one carrying the baby in 9 months, but not the only one who should be part of this adventure.

Involve your partner in everything that is your task!

After all, it is he who has to deal with your moods, mood swings, hormonal storms that your pregnancy brings, cravings and other problems to face. You can say that it is your right hand and your shoulder that you can cry.

He will probably be the one to wash, cook and shop or pay the bills for most of the load. But realize that it is not only good at this! He is the father of your child and should enjoy with you this experience and feel that it is part of your "task", otherwise, he will remember the task only from the time when he was exhausted and when he no longer sees head of job.

Make him part of one of the most beautiful experiences of your life!

Let him know that you are pregnant in an original way

Find a funny or funny way to tell him the news that you are expecting his child. It can be a post-it stuck on the laptop screen, a wallpaper with a cute little baby, a greeting card or any other cute idea that you send the big news to. In this way you show him that you have thought of him how to impress him and to enjoy him better with this news!

Take him with you to as many medical checks as possible

He may not be able to reach them all, but he is trying to be both of them. You go with him to the first medical examination and the first ultrasound, especially when you first hear the beating of the baby's heart or find out its sex.

Share with your partner information about pregnancy

Surely you will be the one concerned with reading books, articles and magazines about pregnancy and childbirth. But do not keep them just for you! Tell him the news and especially the interesting and useful information for both.

Communicate with him about worries and problems that arise during pregnancy

Keep an open channel of communication and discuss all the problems that will stir you, without hesitation. Open communication is the key to success in many relationships and can be very close to 2 partners.

Pay attention to certain emotional events during pregnancy

For example, when the baby is moving, let him feel it too. Sometimes its soles are seen through the skin of the belly or the suckling and this is felt in a certain way. Call him every time to share with him these unique moments.

You go with him to prenatal courses

There are special prenatal courses that require the presence of both partners. Do not hesitate to sign up for one. You will find a lot of new and useful information about pregnancy, birth, but also about the period after birth, which will help you to handle it easier. Pay attention and relax together! Probably now the future baby is the center of your universe.

Divide attention between baby and partner

Involve him and bring him as close as you can to your interests. Make small surprises, spend time together and always tell her how happy you are to have her baby in her womb.

Involve him in decorating the house and choosing baby clothes or products

And let him from time to time have the last word from time to time. It is clear that you are the expert when it comes to the colors and furniture in the little boy's room or his future wardrobe. And it is possible that your partner may have strange tastes and you do not like the body he loves, but let him contribute ideas. It is not necessary for the child to wear them daily, but it is important for him to make his contribution and involve him in such choices, even if you have not been born yet.

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