How is your favorite color influenced by your sex life?

How is your favorite color influenced by your sex life?

What color is your sex life? Tell me what your favorite color is, to tell you how you feel about your sex life! You may not know, but the colors of the clothes you wear, the furniture in the house, the car and other objects that have your favorite color say a lot about how you stay with your sexual abilities!


The color of passion, love and last but not least sex! If you like this color then sex life for you is like an open book and a journey always full of adventure and adrenaline. You are easy to wake up to and enjoy every sex match as if it were your last.


If you like yellow your sexual beginnings are complex and disturbed. Yellow is said to be the favorite color of homosexuals. Of course, this does not mean that if you like yellow it is mandatory to have this sexual orientation. But you're the one in bed. You make compromises and you are able to leave yourself to satisfy even the strongest wishes of your partner. You almost never enjoy sex to the fullest, but neither do you deny any game that comes your way.


If you are passionate about pink, then you are not very interested in sex and the issues related to it. Pink is associated with childhood and it's so tend to behave when it comes to sex life: you like to tease your partner - without completion - and promise more than you are willing to offer. You are a convinced feminist and you like to post this, but that's only because you secretly hate men.


As there is black magic, so would the "black" sex for those who love this color. Black determines the darkest thoughts even when it comes to sex life: fetishes, perversions, masochistic or sado-masochistic experiences, in nature or in forbidden places - all of which make your libido barometer go crazy. The most intense and successful sexual experiences are those that occur under stress or when they go through unpleasant experiences. Black is a problematic color from a psychological point of view, which mirrors the most gloomy and macabre feelings or feelings and requires specialized control, when it is taken to the extreme.


If you love greens you have a somewhat innocent approach to sex, even if you have passed the first experience. You tend to behave like an innocent and spoiled child at every sexual experience. You are gentle, loving, but not passionate and focused or inventive in bed. Whoever chooses you as a life partner, you can be sure you will never cheat on him.

Brown / cream

If you like brown, then you are a real sexual treasure for your partner. You tend to be warm and deep, but also sensitive to your partner's preferences. Sex for you is a daily goal and more than a necessity. It is a personal experience that you enjoy to the maximum every time. Walking in the rain or catching a snowflake with your tongue are enough to make you excited or excited.


If you like blue you are one of the most successful sex partners a man can have. You are at the same time sensitive, incense and yet a sinner in the mysteries of sex. You find love as an elegant art and you are quite "elegant" in bed. You are a follower and passionate of the prelude and of the hug and the sleeping "after" as you enjoy the sexual act itself.


If you like white it is very possible to be a person obsessed with cleaning. A Puritan does not see French kissing, oral sex and even sex without a condom because he considers them "dirty" and scumbags. Do not put sex on the light and most likely undress only under the blanket and not in front of your partner. The shower is mandatory both before and after the sexual act. Sexual acts are not one of the most successful and by no means adventurous, but rather "as in the book", nothing more.

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