Why is our hair bleached?

Why is our hair bleached?

We know that hair whitening occurs as you age. It is a sign of aging and is extremely unsightly and we do not like it at all, especially the new women. Sometimes, a condition called premature hair bleaching occurs in young people. But have you ever wondered what causes the hair whitening?

The specialists argue that the bleaching of the hair has as main cause the decrease of the production of melanin (pigment) or the poor transport of it to the hair. They argue that whitening is a complex degenerative process that is not specifically related to the biological aging of the body. There are several causes underlying the decrease in pigment production or the difficulty of transporting it to the hair, many of them having as a source of disorganized and defective lifestyle.


Stress is one of the main causes that lead to hair bleaching, even to the prematurity of this condition. It can be a strong emotional stress, which causes a sudden whitening or a accumulation of stressors that can have this effect. Stress can come from anywhere, from work to family problems.

Exposure to chemicals and pollution

We are exposed to pollution every day. And sometimes, we also influence exposure through the choices we make. Hair care products often contain a lot of chemical compounds that damage the health of the hair and promote premature bleaching.

Unbalanced diet

Believe it or not, food also helps to maintain a shiny hair color. The most responsible for hair whitening are deficiencies of vitamin B12, zinc and copper. And the sub-calorie diet can cause hair grayness. When you eat less calories than your body needs, the hair does not nourish itself very well and gives birth to an unhealthy appearance of hair, producing depigmentation.

Lack of sleep

Insufficient sleep is strictly related to stress, tension and exhaustion or fatigue. Lack of rest leads to hormonal changes that put their mark on the hair color. Thus, when the body is tired, the secretion of regulating hormones in the sex gland changes and causes aging of the cells that secrete melanin.

Increased concentration of hydrogen peroxide

Experts argue that hair whitening or graying would actually be caused by an increase in the concentration of hydrogen peroxide at the root of the hair. This concentration occurs due to deterioration of the epithelial follicles, which prevents pigmentation of the hair.


Some medicines may contribute to hair depigmentation. Among those that have the greatest impact on the early graying of the hair are painkillers, painkillers or tranquilizers. These drugs have a degenerative effect on the cells responsible for melanin secretion. And the administration of dietary supplements, such as vitamin E or echinacea, can contribute to hair depigmentation.

Physical aggression

When you subject the hair to physical aggressions such as insistent shampooing and questionable quality products, frequent hair dyeing and hairstyles that require tight fitting can contribute to the degradation of the hair, implicitly to the gray hair. Also, the poor hygiene of the hair, as well as drying or arranging it frequently with hair dryers or other hairdressers contributes to its degradation.


Doctors claim that there is also a genetic cause for hair thinning, especially premature hair. It seems that the greyness is inherited by the parents. So, if your parents are young, then there is a good chance you will suffer the same thing.


Some of the conditions you suffer from can contribute to the gray hair. This may even be a symptom for some of them. Thyroid problems (hypo or hyperthyroidism) have as a symptom the bleaching of the hair. And pernicious anemia, vitiligo or premature menopause can contribute to premature grayness.

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