Toys that help baby develop

Toys that help baby develop

Don't buy baby toys just because they are adorable, colorful or attractive to calm you down when you are crying or agitated! Be smart and add a new benefit to them, keeping them as fascinating - to help them grow!

Here are some suggestions that attract the eyes and attention of any baby and increase the physical, motor or cognitive development of the baby.

Extra toy in the form of a puppy with a mirror

Mirrors are objects that fascinate babies. They are attracted by their reflection in the mirror like a magnet.

Even if only after 1 and a half years they can realize that the image they see is theirs, they can have lots of fun with such toys, thus contributing to the stimulation and development of vision.

Price: 31, 05 lei

Set of extra shapes for babies

The shapes are a guaranteed target of looking at babies over 6 months. This set which contains 3 different shapes and is created in addition helps to develop the child's perception and motor skills.

Price: 16 lei

Peacock Jacques

Peacock Jacques turns out to be more than an attractive baby bird. It is equipped with a lot of exciting components for little ones and also has a mirror attached, so sought after by children when they are young.

The multitude of colors from which the peacock is created stimulates the look and the soft material develops the tactile sense.

Price: 41 lei

Playground for babies

The playgrounds specially designed for babies represent for them a small playground and colors. It is specially designed to help the child develop from the first weeks of life.

The colorful, suspended toys and mattress help to develop the little boy's senses and keep him focused for a long time.

Price: 349 lei

Interactive Finding Nemo Card

Interactive baby books created in the colors, images and lights or sounds that are most appealing present true stories of the story characters and help to develop the baby's creativity.

Also, the tactile sense will benefit because your little one will be eager to touch and explore its pages.

Price: 81 lei

Simba tower with shapes and circles

The towers created in different shapes and with strong colors are essential for the development of babies. Besides the fact that they have a lot of fun, they also contribute to the development of intelligence and motor skills.

Helps to coordinate movements and to learn colors and shapes having a contribution in cognitive development.

Price: 60 lei

Musical toy Maracas

With the help of the Maracas musical toy, the baby discovers that he can act alone on the things around him. It also contributes to the development of the coordination of the movements of his hands and relaxes with the sounds that it brings out.

Price: 49 lei

Great ball with sounds

A big and cute toy that children are fascinated with is the ball. And for babies, the older it is, the more colorful and it brings out sounds, the more attractive it is to them.

This not only entertains children, but also contributes to its physical or motor development, coordination of movements and establishing balance.

Price: 66.71 lei

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