3 superstitions related to itching in the ear

3 superstitions related to itching in the ear

So annoying and annoying, itching in the ear they can appear at any age, and at their base can be various diseases. The itching may be mild or severe, may occur only at night, may affect one or both ears.

In trying to find explanations for the onset of this symptom, people have created some superstitions!

1. Does your right ear eat? Someone is talking to you bad!

One of the most common superstitions related to itching in the ears refers to the fact that when you eat an ear someone is talking about you. Specifically, if your left ear is eating then the person talking to you is one who loves you, who likes you and says something nice about you. On the other hand, if your left ear is eating, the person talking about you does not have beautiful words for you.

It is said that if you wet your finger with a little saliva and pass it over the ear lobe, then the person who talks badly about you will bite his tongue. It is a funny superstition, which is common among the Irish people, but which has spread to other people.

2. Does your ear eat? The weather is changing!

A Romanian superstition is that if an ear eats you, then it is a sign that the weather will change, namely the arrival of a rain.

3. If your ear eats, you will find out a secret!

An old medieval tradition says that when you eat an ear, you must expect a person close to you to give you a secret, to reveal yourself. Superstition goes even further and says that if the ear that eats you is the left one, then the person who will reveal your secret is female, and if the right ear eats you then the secret will be shared by a man.

These are just some superstitions in which, although it seems hard to believe, many people trust themselves. But beyond all these superstitions, itching in the ear has a medical explanation!

Medical causes of itching in the ear

Itching occurs from different medical causes. It can be an infection in the ear canal, an infection that can manifest itself through this symptom, the presence of a fungus (fungal infections are the cause of over 10% of itching in the ear), skin disorders (seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis). And people suffering from allergies can complain of itching of the ear, whether we are talking about children or adults.

Another cause of itching may be insufficient production of wax, the protective substance of the ear canal. Also, itching and those who have an excess of wax (wax plug) in the ears may be encountered. When a wax plug accumulates in the ear, other symptoms such as heartburn, pain and discomfort, even partial hearing loss appear.

The use of body care products, such as shampoo, shower gel, hair foam, can cause itching of the ear. These products can get in your ear while you bathe or get ready for an outing in the city. To prevent itching from this cause, you only have to pay attention when using these care and beauty products, so that they do not penetrate the inner ear.

For both adults and children, the temptation to scratch using objects that can lead to damage to the eardrum is high. This is why ear sticks or pencils or pens should not be used to scratch your ear. Children are more sensitive than adults, so they need to be much better protected.

Recommended treatments

In case the itching sensation in the ear is not transient, but on the contrary, it is necessary, a medical consultation is needed to determine the cause and the treatment. It may include antibiotics for itching caused by bacterial infections, which may be in the form of cream or lotions, administration of antifungals and antihistamines (in the case of itching caused by allergies).

If itching occurs due to a wax plug, saline, paraffin oil, glycerin may be recommended, which should be applied for several days, until the wax is dissolved and the plug is removed.

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