Cooking courses for children, role and benefits

Cooking courses for children, role and benefits

Cooking courses for children, role and benefits

Cooking courses for children and their simple involvement in the secrets of cooking in the family kitchen make a lot of contributions in their development. When children help moms in the kitchen, they also learn math, science and reading. Social skills are also being developed, as are those of fine motor skills. The general culture benefits from finding out the most interesting fruits and vegetables, Western culinary cultures and many other magnificent things from the "cook's" universe.

Fine motor skills and abilities

Many of the tools used in the kitchen, such as a razor or awning, help children develop both their hand muscles, but also hand-eye coordination or other fine motor skills.

Scientific changes

With the penetration into the mysteries of cooking, your little one discovers that the water is frozen or that it can boil. Also, discover how gelatin strengthens, how to make jellies and how from a nut in its natural form you can have a fine powder that you call whole nut. Mixing the ingredients and the scientific transformation of some dough or cakes helps children learn a lot of new things.

Creativity and experience development

Cooking helps children use their imagination and creativity and learn a lot about the food they consume. The act of cooking allows him to make decisions about how, and what is good to eat, to know that if he likes cinnamon more than vanilla, he can use more cinnamon. The child gains experience, responsibility and develops his ability to make decisions, which will help him in other areas of his life.

Develop self-confidence

The fact that adults can do what they do, that they put their nose in the tasks of the elderly and that they also do a good job on top of them helps them to have more confidence in their own strengths and strengthens the self esteem of the children.

He teaches them academic information

A recipe involves, in addition to ingredients and certain weights, quantities expressed in different units of measurement. You have the opportunity to learn things that you may discover otherwise late in school. For example, you can explain and talk about solid and liquid foods and their units of measurement: milliliters, liters, grams, kilograms, etc.

Suggestions for themed toys

Gourmet Cafe Cafe

It is a true copy of a real kitchen and a guaranteed source of fun for the little ones. This includes a lot of accessories and cooking tools meant to introduce children to the culinary arts and the process of creating cakes and sweets that they love so much.


  • has 2 girls;
  • includes stove, sink, oven and coffee maker;
  • it has shelves, fruit baskets and storage cabinets;
  • has over 30 accessories constantly in dishes, cutlery, fruits, spices. Price: 596, 44 lei

Gourmet Deluxe Cooking Set

This is a set of cookware that helps children prepare the most delicious recipes for their dolls or for you. It is practical and efficient, especially since it can be used by several children at the same time.

The set contains:

  • pot with lid;
  • pan with lid;
  • pan;
  • mixed salad bowl;
  • wooden spatula;
  • ladle. Price: 199.99 lei

Set of Kitchen and Dish Cart

An extremely cute miniature kitchen, which gives the little ones the opportunity to have fun with the tools with which the set is equipped:

  • hood;
  • washbasin;
  • oven;
  • 21 accessories (nest, teaspoons, forks, knives, cooking utensils, plates, pans) Price: 170 lei

Food set (101 pieces)

Besides the fact that it is always an opportunity for fun and fun, the set of foods helps you to get acquainted with the child with the most known, but also mysterious or rare types of foods. The set contains specific Italian, Japanese, Chinese food, etc. It contains fruits, vegetables, meat, bakery products, desserts and other foods made from plastic. Price: 178.56 lei


Kids love pizza, but they will love to play even more trying to make it themselves. It is a mini-pizzeria that develops children's imagination and helps them learn essential information about preparing food. Price: 132 lei

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