Lack of sexual appetite in women, causes and treatment

Lack of sexual appetite in women, causes and treatment

Diminution or lack of sexual desire is extremely common among women. The absence of libido was included in the category of sexual arousal disorders in women. There are several physical and psychological causes that influence women's sexual appetite. Many of them have an emotional nature, are difficult to detect and can break their relationship if they do not call in time to the specialists they need.

What are the most common causes of libido in women?

General causes that may interfere with women's sexual desire include:

- menopause;
- pregnancy;
- disappearance (pain during sexual acts);
- various diseases;
- obesity;
- anorexia;
- medicines;
- psychological factors;
- the tensions in the couple relationship;
- sexual abuse.

Common physical causes

- anemia;
- alcohol abuse;
- chronic diseases (eg diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, etc.);
- hyperprolactinemia;
- hormonal imbalances;

certain drugs (sleeping pills, for example).

Psychological causes

- depression;
- anxiety;
- stress (psychic overload);
- tensions between partners;
- low standard of living;
- sexual abuse;
- low self-esteem (complex);
- latent lesbianism;
- childhood traumas.

How is the lack of libido manifested in women?

The main symptom is the lack of desire to have sex with your life partner or any other man. This is manifested by a low frequency of sexual thoughts and fantasies, as well as by avoiding the initiation of sexual contacts in the couple's relationship. Also, a decrease in the frequency of masturbation or extremely rare sexual contacts (a few weeks, months, etc.) should give you some thought.

How is it treated?

If you suspect that you have low or even absent sexual appetite, the first thing you need to do is go to the doctor. He will perform a series of tests to detect any illnesses or medical conditions that may prevent you from having sex. If the analyzes and tests do not detect any medical cause responsible for the absence of libido it is good to consider the call to a psychotherapist. It could help you discover emotional causes that might prevent you from having sex.

You may not realize them and they may not be obvious, which is why you need specialized help to discover them. Sexual therapy is another branch that you should consider if you have such problems. Such therapists are specialized in sexual problems. They may also suggest couples therapy, in which your partner is invited to discuss and discuss the issues you face, which could otherwise be the basis of your libido.

Such a specialist could help you identify emotions responsible for the lack of sexual desire and guide you to overcome them more easily. In the treatment of libido in women, medicines may also be recommended. Sometimes, the problem arises because of a sexual discomfort that the woman experiences during sexual intercourse.

The dry vagina is one of them and to remove this barrier of sexual pleasure you will need lubricants with local application. Some doctors may prescribe testosterone treatment. This is a male sex hormone that is thought to help increase women's libido. However, a therapeutic method remains quite controversial, as many doctors argue that there are very few cases in which this type of therapy has worked and that the side effects are far too unpleasant.

The pharmaceutical companies have launched on the market and so-called aphrodisiac creams, meant to induce sexual desire in women. These are applied locally, at the level of the clitoris (an extremely erogenous area) and have the role of inducing excitation through clitoral stimulation. Small changes in lifestyle and diet can have beneficial effects on your sex life. Specialists claim that if you do regular sports, eat healthy, quit smoking and drinking and take care of yourself to be relaxed and happy, then you can have a fulfilled sex life.

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