What do babies like?

What do babies like?

Babies cannot speak and cannot express their preferences or emotions. He can't pull you off the cuff to say "Mommy, I like it so much when you smile or play cuckoo-bau," but you have to know that there are some essential things that babies love and do. Discover some of them and do not hesitate to introduce them to the life of your baby!

The color red

Red draws babies like a magnet. It is the color that most easily magnetizes their gaze and is oriented when they have a red object around them. It is a good opportunity to buy as many red toys for the first months of life. It helps them develop their vision. It seems that after the red, it is the green that attracts the most babies.


Babies sleep a lot in the first months of life, but when they are awake, they just love to stare at your face. To analyze each grimace, to touch you with the handles and to have eye contact with you.


As your baby grows older he will discover how loud he can scream. And he loves to hear his own voice on so high tones. He will even try to push the boundaries, he will be red at the face, but he will not leave. And even if you skip these baby outings, you should know that they do nothing but explore their own vocal repertoire. I don't do it out of wickedness or outrage!


The mirror is an object that definitely attracts the attention of the child, but also intrigues him. He doesn't quite realize what the mirror thing is, what he sees and how it works, but he doesn't let it go until he turns it all over. Only at the age of 18, the baby understands that the one he sees in the mirror when he looks at it is also him.

Small stains

The little ones are fascinated by the small stains, whether they are on the carpet, parquet or on a remote control or stool. They will look long at them, touch them and try to "catch" them in handcuffs. You will probably surprise him often by staring at a stain on the wall or ceiling, asking him what he is looking at, but he will still be caught in the artistic sketch offered by the stain.

Hit objects between them

Any 2 objects that are apt to hit each other and make different sounds are an attraction for your little one. It is an activity that attracts them through the sounds of this play. So, if you get caught in the handle polonically, spoon, bowl, remote control or any other object will not stop until you find out what sounds they can make when they are hit between them.


Just as your little one loves to look at your face, he is also fascinated by this little toy that uses grimaces and palms and which parents try to make babies laugh or calm when they are irritated. This little toy, which looks childish at first glance, is a great source of food for the baby's brain and soul. And it's a game that babies love!


You probably already realized that your little one is fascinated by everything that shines, and your lance or bracelet are the most interesting "toys" for him. The fact that it shines arouses his curiosity and becomes an object in front of which he can not resist not to put on a sleeve.


Pets, especially dogs and kittens, seem to have a magical effect on the baby. When they see in their path a puppy is moving with the speed of light toward him and is trying to pull him by the hand or hair. Babies have a feeling of safety and security around animals because they notice that their parents are safe when they are close.

Remote control or telephone

Babies are attracted to phones or remotes because they are objects that I always see and use very often. And as they want to do pretty much everything you do, they quickly take over and try with all the resources they have available to find them useful.

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