The children celebrated Biodiversity Day in the Botanical Garden

The children celebrated Biodiversity Day in the Botanical Garden

The children celebrated Biodiversity Day in the "Dimitrie Brandza" Botanical Garden in Bucharest.

The event, organized by the Team Work Association, took place between 10.00 and 12.00 and brought together 100 children who, during the two hours, participated in a series of outdoor eco-educational activities. The activity is part of the project "Grandmother's Garden", consisting of several events that take place over 3 months.

The little ones were divided into groups and participated, by rotation, in the interactive activities that the organizers prepared: they planted flowers, they learned songs about fruits and vegetables, they searched for medicinal plants in the labyrinth, they learned about the vitamins they they contain their vegetables. On this occasion, the little ones were presented various varieties of plants, they learned how to take care of the seedlings from their planting and until the harvest of the first fruits, they learned to recognize the fruits and vegetables based on the similarities and differences between them.

Also, the Clopotel theater band prepared a little surprise for the children. In the end, all participants received diplomas and plant shoots.

The project is organized by the Team Work Association in partnership with the Botanical Garden "Dimitrie Brandza" of the University of Bucharest and funded by the Foundation for Partnership and MOL Romania within the "Green Spaces" program.

The purpose of the project is to arrange in the Botanical Garden a small traditional Romanian garden in which visitors can directly and contextually know the varieties and varieties of plants commonly grown in the country's gardens, an area less known to both children and adults. urban area.

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