The risks of (competitive) sports performance on children

The risks of (competitive) sports performance on children

Performance or competitive sport can also have negative effects, especially in the development of children. Although it ensures them a harmonious growth and physical condition of envy and teaches them important life lessons, sometimes the sport can put children at significant risks. The most important ones include premature aging, Burn Out syndrome, insomnia, stress or frequent injuries.

They "steal" their childhood little by little

In an era that puts more and more pressure on children, and which overloads them with topics and other educational activities, the specialists call on parents to let them enjoy their childhood as much as they can. Enrolling and engaging a child in a performance sport often prevents children from being children. There is an early maturation that can lead to the emergence of frustrations and emotional "deficiencies" later in adulthood. Also, the pressure of performance triggers the fear of failure in children that can affect their emotional path to maturity. It is important to make sure that your little one has a balanced and relaxed schedule and has every day socializing and playing time, as well as individual play that will help him to develop harmoniously.

Burn out syndrome occurs

Burn out syndrome is characterized by a state of physical and mental exhaustion that presents the child with serious health hazards and problems. The clinical picture of this syndrome is described by: intense fatigue until exhaustion; diffuse pain (muscle, bone, migraine); sleeping disorders; digestive disorders; irritability; depression etc. It does not appear suddenly, but installs gradually and cannot be easily recognized because it is subtle at first and masked by exacerbated enthusiasm. First of all, the ideal enthusiasm appears (which makes you register the child and give you the consent for that sport); follows the stage of inefficient stagnation, the feeling of frustration and in the last phase apathy, disappointment, frustrations and low self-esteem.


Sleep disorders are common in high performance athletes, and they occur especially before important matches or high stakes competitions. Your little one does not rest well, does not receive the required dose of sleep, and the body suffers. Thus, the resistance of the immune system in the face of diseases and the predisposition to the disease appear.

Psychological stress

When children grow in the spirit of performance sport, they feel compelled and need to excel, to always be at the highest level. This feeling of "always being at height" increases the level of stress in the body to very high levels. Frustration, fear of failure and psychological pressure appear that make him no longer enjoy family, friends, play and other specific activities. It isolates itself and withdraws from the social scene in its own universe, creating the favorable context for the onset of depression.

Frequent accidents

Some of the biggest risks a child faces when playing sports are injuries. It is a danger that the child, and parents at the same time, assume in every competition and game. The most common injuries are muscle twists and stretches. Ruptures of tendons, ligaments and even muscles may occur. But the risks can be even greater, from head to head, rib breaks, one leg and others, which can endanger the life of the child. Therefore, before enrolling the child in a specific club, make sure that he / she is using appropriate equipment and that he / she always has doctors to supervise their training and matches.


In some sports, the risk of malnutrition may occur. Proper nutrition is crucial for the development of the little one and to become a good sportsman. But some workouts require observing certain diet programs and adhering to strict diets. Attention, some children may end up starving, believing that they will be better performing and more successful. It is the responsibility of the parents to follow their diet and nutrition and to ensure that they are fed properly.

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