How do you make your home yard safe for children?

How do you make your home yard safe for children?

Beautiful weather is a good reason to spend more and more time with children outside. The children are the first ones willing to venture into the most hidden beds of the garden, so it is advisable to prepare the yard well for fun and good times. Learn how to make your home yard safe for kids to play!

Collect debris over winter in the yard

Whether it is stones, bottles, twigs, shards or beasts, they can be extremely dangerous for children and must be removed from their path. Many of them may seem harmless, but with little attention they can prove a real danger.

Pay attention to the edges and corners of the yard sites

It is possible to have in the yard a dog cage, a cabinet for tools and other tools, barbecue, etc. It is advisable to carefully analyze the edges and isolate them if they are sharp. It also covers their corners to avoid unnecessary accidents. There are fuses to buy for corners.

Avoid using chemicals or fertilizers on plants

If you do not want the little one to get intoxicated with various soil-based chemical agents that are given on trees or plants to protect them from insects, then use only natural and harmless products or ... not at all.

When playing, the little ones always forget that they have to wash their hands before putting them in the mouth after playing on the ground. So there is a great chance that your baby will swallow these substances. Even a very small amount of them can be poisonous.

Removes all sources of water from the child's path

Do not leave pebbles, fountains, ditches, pits or even pools covered with water in the yard or garden space. Even if it doesn't seem like a child does not need an entire ocean to drown, there are stupid accidents that can happen from a simple water-filled fantasy. Good security goes through bad danger, so make sure there is no such danger around the little one.

Close gardening tools and tools in a safe place

Put them in a warehouse or in the closed garage, but in no case do not leave them to the children. From lawn mowers to saws and rakes or shovels, they are a great danger to children. Therefore, we must keep away from the temptation of children!

Put artificial surfaces or sand in the spaces where there is cement

Whether you choose slag, sand, artificial grass carpet or other garden surfaces, it is important to cover the areas where the child is always perched, whether they are asphalted or cobbled. You have to make sure that if your little one falls from a certain height, it lands on a soft surface. These surfaces mitigate the impact of the fall.

It also delimits with the fence the playground in which the child is allowed

That's the safest thing. You probably can't leave the whole yard to the child's liking, but you can delimit a part of it that you can dedicate to it alone. It will be full of sand and toys for him. And it should be surrounded with a special guard for children (that does not have sharp edges and dangerous corners) higher, so that it can not jump.

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