Personality types in pregnant women

Personality types in pregnant women

Is your personality as different from the one you were born with and modeled over time and that gives you uniqueness? It seems that there are several types of personality in pregnant women: from the one who tends to have the perfect pregnancy, to the one that is based on the pregnancy and is obsessed with high-tech technology, to the one who cannot keep his mouth up to the type of pregnancy "Martha Stewart", attentive to every detail.

It is possible that the names of the pregnant women may change over time, but the personality of most of them remains the same.

There are 4 major types of personalities of pregnant women established according to the predominant characteristics. These were established based on the behavior of the pregnant women during the prenatal classes and courses in which the majority participated.

Perfect pregnancy

It is the type of rare pregnancy that most pregnant women envy, but hate at the same time. It's the kind that makes everything evolve as the book and beyond its pages. It is the personality that adopts all the tricks possible and impossible to ensure the optimal development of the fetus.

She is the woman who does not touch unhealthy foods, for which there are no vices or fast-food and who analyzes all the studies and news that appear on account of the improvement of the intrauterine development and evolution of the fetus. It's like a little mouse in the library who is just waiting to drop a book in his hand to be even better informed about all aspects of a task.

Pregnant "mouth-shot"

It is the kind of pregnancy for which the secret term has no definition and noima. He says everything and everything, even the most intimate secrets. He is the kind of "mouth-broken" person, who is eager to intervene in discussions and talk about absolutely all the subtleties and particularities of pregnancy. These include gynecological and sexual information that could be considered "too much" even by the gynecologist.

She is eager to tell everything, from the moment of conception, to the first consultations with the doctor and the difficulties she faces during sexual contacts caused by the growth of the belly. It is a slightly annoying personality type, if not really irritating and the kind of pregnancy that other future moms avoid and do not know how to bypass them.

High-tech pregnant

It is the modern pregnant woman who trusts the power and quality of modern technology products, and is really dependent on them. She always prefers medical analyzes that use state-of-the-art techniques, makes non-mandatory medical tests, in any event, and is dependent on her ultra-modern phone. She is a pregnant woman who uses a smartphone, because it is equipped with applications that make her life easier and all things related to pregnancy and birth.

Besides, the pregnant high-tech is concerned with all the technologies that allow the recording and immortalization of the most exciting moments of pregnancy: laptop, camera, video camera, digital photo frames etc.

From the first ultrasound, the recording of the first beats of the heart and until the position of the belly in all its evolution and splendor, pregnant woman who is always in step with technology does not miss anything. Moreover, her main concern is that she will miss so many exciting moments to be immortalized or recorded during the birth ... Unless someone decides to film the whole movie ...

Pregnant - Martha Stewart

The pregnant woman with the "Martha Stewart" personality is less concerned with the medical and health aspects of the pregnancy, her attention and efforts focusing on everything about the child and his birth: choosing the outfit for leaving the baby from maternity, arranging and decorating his room, etc.

Her main concern is that she will give birth and will not begin to paint the side wall of the cream room, as she intended and that she will not reach in time the long dreamed and already ordered bed. It is the kind of pregnancy that pays attention to details and all the aesthetic aspects of the idea of ​​having a baby.

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