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Games and activities to help the child speak correctly

Games and activities to help the child speak correctly

The games by which you help the child to speak better are those that make you become a perfect listener. By the end of preschool age, your child should speak coherently and have a fairly developed vocabulary. It is important not only for him to say words, but also to engage in conversations with others. Fun games and activities can help! Talk to your little boy whenever you are around him!

Challenge him to discuss how many times you have the opportunity!

Use stories, stories from cartoons or real conversations about his friends, children in grades, daily activities, etc. Make domestic events fun happenings and always describe them! For example, when you wash clothes, you can make a whole funny conversation about how you separate clothes, detergent chickens, set the schedule and start the car. It is not interesting to you, but it can be fascinating for the child and you can arouse him to ask you questions and enter the conversation.

Always ask open-ended questions to the child!

In this way you leave the possibility to detail and get involved in longer conversations. For example, it is better to ask "What did you do in the parquet?" instead of "Have fun in the park today?". Give yourself a chance to describe all the happenings to you and less to them and show enthusiasm for whatever they tell you.

Record it when you sing, tell a poem or a story!

Capture such a moment and record it quickly. Then play to your child to hear what you have recorded! He will feel extraordinary and be very amused, because he loves to hear his own voice. You can develop cool games from the recordings on the camera or on the recorder or the phone. As it grows, you will probably go through games as a news anchor, show host, actor and other fun activities. You can "spice up" the toys even more by dressing them in specific outfits or imitating certain cartoon characters or stories that your little one loves.

Have him describe certain TV shows or children's shows!

Challenge him to this exercise of memory and imagination, but also of speech development. If your little one is watching more shows or cartoons, you can play by writing the tickets with their name and having him pull out a ticket from a bowl. He'll have to tell it!

Help him explore nature and learn as much about it!

Go as often as you can with the little one in the middle of nature. It can be in forests, mountains, parks or other places where it has the opportunity to explore everything that makes up nature. Take a basket and start collecting "treasures": stones, leaves, flowers, etc. Then, when you get home, challenge him to discuss treasures. Have him describe to you each crop separately, to tell you what it is, the shape, the size, the function and the color, etc.

Play the stories!

It is a nice idea to play together, in the family with your child. The game consists of everyone sitting in a circle on the floor and beginning a story (whose theme you choose before or let the child choose) by a member of the game, then continued by the one in the immediate vicinity until reach the child. If the little one gets stuck, help him by asking him questions.

Have him draw and describe certain things!

For example, you can provoke him to an exercise in imagination in which he draws his favorite hero or a fantastic creature and then has him describe it. You can help him with questions about what you see in the drawing: If he swims or goes? What if he has fantastic powers? What are they? Why does he have red hair? And so on Role-playing games Play together various role-playing games in which you can put the child in different positions: as an actor, as a doctor, as a singer, etc. They help to improve the speech in children and teach him essential things about life and related to those characters or careers.

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