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Nivea, 100 years of skin care

Nivea, 100 years of skin care

In May, Nivea celebrates 100 years of skin care. In 1911, the appearance of the first cream with a stable formula, based on water and oil, revolutionized the classic care ritual. It was named Nivea Creme and was only the first of a long series of innovations by which Beiersdorf defined the modern skin care.

Nivea Anniversary is the celebration of a century in which skin care has evolved from the classic formula, to a wide range and performance of products that cover all the care needs. Currently, with a range of approximately 500 products and more than half a billion consumers worldwide, Nivea is the most well-known skin care brand in the world.

In Romania, Nivea is in the first place in 6 of the most important segments: face care, body care, deodorants, shower gels, after shave and face care for men. Consumers associate Nivea with healthy, well-groomed skin and a sense of confidence and confidence.

Skin care starts with Nivea Creams

It looks good and makes you feel good in your skin. It is versatile and has many benefits. It has the fragrance of childhood, confidence and delicacy. No matter how fast the world is today, the famous blue box continues to be part of our daily lives.

Three inspired minds, with an entrepreneurial spirit and a lot of passion, created what was to be the first stable cream in the world: Nivea Creme. In 1890, Dr. Oscar Troplowitz bought the company Beiersdorf in Hamburg. His advisor, the famous dermatologist Prof. Dr. Paul Gerson Unna, was inclined towards innovations. He introduced to Troplowitz a new type of emulsifier, called Eucerit (letter "beautiful wax"), invented by chemist Isaac Lifschutz. By using it, it was possible to develop the first stable cream, based on oil and water, which could be produced at an industrial level: Nivea Creme.

Initially, in 1911, the cream was sold in a yellow, elegant box, inspired by the current "Art Nouveau". The blue box inscribed with white letters was inaugurated in 1925. Even in those times, the word Nivea was synonymous with skin care and the new cream became, in a short time, an object of worship.

Nivea success - innovation, care, continuity

The proximity of consumers and the immense innovative force, given the rigorous research, are the secrets of the Nivea success. These qualities, together with the powerful marketing strategies, have managed to keep the product in the attention of a constantly changing and diversified audience.

The famous blue boxes followed other innovations without which we can not imagine the modern skin care ritual: the first product for sun protection, the first body milk, the first after alcohol-free shave, the first deodorant with skin care properties and the first anti-wrinkle cream with coenzyme Q10, own skin.

What to expect next?

Experts Beiersdorf AG Skin Research Center in Hamburg, one of the most important and modern dermatological research centers in the world, develops new active ingredients, laying the foundations of new discoveries that will carry on the legacy of an age of innovation and quality in skin care.

Behind the innovations we find consumer confidence in the Nivea brand. In the last 10 years, Nivea has been designated "The most trusted skin care brand" in the study "The Most Trusted Brands" by Readers's Digest, in 16 European countries. And consumer confidence, familiarity and enthusiasm for Nivea brand are the most important reward for a century of care and innovation.

Nivea Creme anniversary editions

We celebrate 100 years of skin care with the Nivea Creme anniversary editions. The special images portray the Nivea spirit and the closeness between the people, in the new design of Nivea Creme boxes of 75 ml, 150 ml and 250 ml.

Nivea Creme keeps its significance and popularity beyond any tendencies and changes. With a basic formula that remains almost unchanged, Nivea Creme is tolerated even by sensitive skin, due to the very soft ingredients in the composition of the cream and the lack of preservatives. It helps maintain the natural barrier of skin protection, gives it supple and soft. Over the years, Nivea has inspired people everywhere to create their own care rituals.

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