10 things that make you fat without knowing

10 things that make you fat without knowing

You think that only junk food and sedentary lifestyle are the main causes of fattening. But you start to discover that even if you do sports and diet, you don't lose weight! There are many causes that underlie fattening in women: from nutrition, sedentary life, illness, medicines and even to the genes or the operation of removing the tonsils, all can cause the figure to deform

1. Insufficient sleep

If you do not get enough sleep you are prone to obesity. The explanation is that when the body does not rest sufficiently, hormonal imbalances occur. In addition, glycemic index changes occur, which can lead to diabetes. The less you sleep, the more you eat and the less movement you do, the more tired you are.

2. Night snacks

The longer you stay awake, the more likely you are to wake up. Your body also stays awake, as well as the digestive system, so that it will tend to function as during the day. If you have already reached the calorie norm on that day, then you are putting your figure at risk because you will exceed the recommended number.

Also, keeping the light on at night favors awakening and eating at night, experts say.

3. Stress

Is your life a continuous race against the clock? Every aspect of your life - career, child, husband, family, friends - are on your agenda as priorities. And it is also normal. But you have to organize yourself better and deal with them in a certain order.

Under the influence of stress, the body produces a hormone called cortisol. It causes the storage of liver sugar and muscle in the blood. Insulin levels increase, leading to a significant reduction in fat burning.

4. An elderly mother

If you have a mother who gave birth to you when you were over 30 years old, then you are about 3% more likely to suffer from obesity than those whose mothers were born at an early age. The same is true for your future child. The more you give birth to it later than 30 years, the more risks there are for obesity.

5. Environmental factors (toxins)

Pollution has a strong impact on metabolism. It seems that it is slowing down, which means that there is a heavier burning of fat deposits and an accumulation of new ones.

It has already been proven that plastic (biosphenol contained in plastic products) causes obesity. Exposure to pesticides and other toxic factors has the same effect.

6. Meat

You will say that some types of meat are healthy. That is right! If they are raised with your hand or grandparents! Most types of meat found on the market and in semi-prepared products are injected with steroids and other growth hormones. These determine the fattening of the animals faster than naturally. Ingesting them in your digestive system has the same effect and leads to rapid weight gain.

7. Unidentified food allergy

In general, food allergies are manifested by rashes and digestive problems. Experts say that weight gain can be a symptom of an allergy. Consumption of such a product can cause inflammation in the body and fluid retention.

Also related to allergies, some doctors claim that they have noticed an adverse effect of antihistamines (treatment in allergies) that can contribute to fattening. They seem to increase appetite, which leads to a higher food intake than the body needs to function.

8. Artificial sweeteners

They are promoted by their producers as sugar substitutes in diets because they contain very few calories. It is true, but they are unhealthy, and their long-term consumption causes imbalances in the body that end in fattening.

The same is true for juices labeled "light" or "dietary". They use artificial sweeteners to reduce the number of calories.

9. Medicines

Some medicines have the adverse effect of fattening. Drug treatments to prevent or control depression, diabetes, hypertension or unwanted pregnancies (contraceptives) can cause extra pounds to accumulate. Also, diabetes treatment has been associated with weight gain.

10. Removal of tonsils

If you have suffered in the childhood, or even in adulthood, from an operation to remove the tonsils, you have every chance to accumulate extra kilos just for this reason. Doctors warn that fattening due to a lack of tonsils is a long-term effect and can last up to 7 years.

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