Health Portion, volume XII

Health Portion, volume XII

On Tuesday, April 26, the National Journal and Reader's Digest bring you the 12th volume from the "Health Portion" collection. A lively project! 12 volumes in which you have advice from doctors around the world, alternative therapies, handy remedies and healthy recipes! A collection about the most important investment in every man's life: health!

The last volume of the series describes the problems related to pregnancy, irritable bowel syndrome, sinusitis and varicose veins, with their causes and symptoms, proposing a prevention and treatment plan based on all the elements that everyone has at hand: vitamins, minerals and supplements. food, herbs and alternative therapies such as homeopathy, aromatherapy, oligotherapy, presupuncture, reflexotherapy, massage, yoga, etc.

Further, hydrotherapy - the natural treatment method that uses water under different forms and at different temperatures - and sofrology - relaxation method based mainly on respiration, are presented in detail.

As supplements we present to you, copper, essential in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, in maintaining skin health and increasing fertility, and vitamin A, which increases visual acuity, also maintains skin health and supports the immune system.

Find out new information about 5 of the recommended plants for one or more of the conditions present in this volume: the chimney, the thighs, the barbs, the patlagin and the willow.

We conclude, as we promised we will do in each volume, with 45 delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes from the recommended foods, which will prove to you that eating healthy does not mean depriving you of the pleasure of the tastes.

By purchasing all 12 volumes, you will finally have an extremely useful guide in preventing and treating the most common ailments.

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