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How do you choose the baby tricycle?

How do you choose the baby tricycle?

The tricycle is one of the most popular outdoor toys for children. But as with many toys, there are so many manufacturers and models on the market that parents find it increasingly difficult to choose. Not only the price and appearance matter in choosing the little boy's tricycle. It must first of all be safe and comfortable.

The specialists argue that there are some essential things to guide you in choosing the baby's tricycle:

  • size;

  • durability;

  • safety;

  • style.


This is the first criterion by which you must guide yourself in choosing any toy or any product for the child.

There may be some paradox between sustainability and safety. The most durable tricycles are those made of metal. And they have a higher center of gravity. For the safety of the little boy, a lower center of gravity is needed to prevent the little boy from overturning when he wants to make various turns to the left or right and has a high speed.

Fortunately, most manufacturers have adapted to this need and have made only tricycles with low center of gravity.


The size of the tricycle is essential not only because it ensures the comfort of the child, but it also contributes to keeping it safe.

It is best to choose a tricycle with adjustable seat and height. Children grow up fast and in this way you make substantial savings. Also, ensure the comfort of the child on the tricycle.

If you choose a tricycle that cannot be adjusted, then orient yourself after the one suitable for the age group of the little one.

The saddle should not be too low because this makes pedaling difficult or too high because the little one cannot reach the pedals. Also, tricycles with bucket or bucket type saddle, not long or sharp ones are indicated.


The second important thing to consider is its strength. In addition to the fact that it saves you from additional expenses over various repairs over time, it offers even more child safety. If it is of quality and resistance, then the risk of accidents is extremely low, and the child can walk freely.


Only after you make sure that the tricycle fulfills all the conditions of safety and comfort of the child can you orient yourself by design, equipment or color.

This is the last criterion taken into account. It is useful and practical to choose a multifunctional tricycle. For example, there are models that can later be transformed into bicycles, when the little boy shows signs that he is able to cope with only 2 wheels instead of 3.

Some of them are equipped with space for storing toys, with handle to be pushed by parents when the little ones no longer want to pedal etc.

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