How do you involve the child in Easter preparations?

How do you involve the child in Easter preparations?

The pasta is a step away from us and the preparations are in progress. Involving the child in these is the most useful and handy way to teach your little boy the main Easter traditions and customs. In addition, it also represents educational activities from which the child can benefit in its development.

Easter cleaning

By encouraging the little boy to help you clean, he is fully contributing to his development. Some children are not very keen to help parents in messing up the house, but many parents are wrong in asking for help. If you want the little one to be the most skillful and endearing help, then do it in his own way, that is through play and play. Adopt cute games to help him determine and do not forget to delegate cleaning tasks appropriate to his age.

Home decoration for Easter

After the cleaning is over, it's time to give the house a holiday feel. Therefore, small baskets with wooden eggs or candles in the form of rabbits or poodles should be removed from "naphthalene" and scattered throughout the rooms. In addition, do not forget about your child's handmade decorations over the years. They should be put in place of honor.

In addition, you do not have to break the tradition and make with your little one and this year some new or new decorations or crafts as original and beautiful.

Fast Week Week

Even if I entered the job long ago, how soon we pass in one of the humblest weeks of the year - Great Week before Easter. It is a week full of spiritual loads where you have the perfect opportunity to teach your child everything you need to know about the Easter Holidays.

Use books, drawings, stories, pictures, traditions and games to clarify and exemplify the significance of this holiday so important for Christianity, but also of fasting.

Children between 0 and 12 years of age are not required to take a fast food diet. After this age you can teach the child to hold a job, but more important is to understand why he has to do this. But this depends on the concepts and principles that guide each family individually.

Some parents may even take the little boy to share in this period and even to the special services performed in the church. It is also advisable to take the child to the Resurrection service, but do not hold it until morning, as it usually lasts. And not if he is very small or if he prefers to sit down instead of going out at the hour when the "holy light" is taken. It is an interesting experience and it can be learned a lot by explaining what is happening there before.

Painting the eggs

It is definitely one of the most anticipated activities of this holiday by your little one. It is the moment when he can put his imagination to the contribution and he can play with a lot of colors at will.

As long as you respect the safety rules for children and use the most useful tricks for painting Easter eggs, this activity can turn into pleasant and relaxing moments within the family.

Remember to decorate the eggs. Choose creative and original ideas to give Easter eggs the most beautiful look so far. Use pencils, beads, sparkles, glitter, lots of imagination and, why not, Romanian folk traditions to decorate eggs.

Cooking for Easter meal

As with cleaning tasks, cooking should be an activity that is often shared with the youngest. It helps him so much to develop harmoniously, to develop his abilities and skills and to learn new things.

This time it's time for the "Easter meal cooking lesson". We all know that the mass of this holiday is rich in specific preparations: rhubarb, coconuts, lamb food, etc. It is time to employ the child as a cook and tell them as you cook together what these preparations are made, which is their tradition and story.

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