Mother and Baby Orientalia - Course for the health and harmony of your baby

Mother and Baby Orientalia - Course for the health and harmony of your baby

Many future or new parents are concerned about providing a healthy lifestyle for their child from birth.

Drugs are beginning to be viewed with increasing suspicion, and the environmental lifestyle that concerns the family habitat is beginning to be under the sign of other options.

People are starting to turn their eyes more and more often and with more and more interest to the Eastern lifestyle and traditional health practices that they use for themselves or their thousands of years old children.

The Mama and Bebe Orientalia course is unique because it gathers together and presents oriental techniques for creating the well-being through massage, smell, decoration, color, arrangement, all of which are methods of preventing diseases, as well as of healing them, increasing the condition. the best of the most delicate and wonderful beings on earth - pregnant women and babies!

The course has 3 sessions:

1. Massage method of baby belly and small baby Chi Nei Tzang

An absolute novelty in Romania, which helps parents find out the special benefits of this traditional massage practice used by the Chinese, teaching them how to apply it correctly and differentially on the belly of their baby or their child depending on the affection.

2. Aromatherapy for the health of the future mother and her baby

3. Fengshui for baby or baby room

The use of aromatherapy, but also the creation of a fengshui environment are based on thousands of years old practices, after which the Chinese or Japanese guide for themselves and their children since their birth the state of health, joy, love, applying the principles of a tradition that correlates life. daily in harmony with the energy of nature that surrounds us and guides us unseen.

The course will take place on April 9 and 16 from 12:00.