Flax seeds increase the fertility of the couple

Flax seeds increase the fertility of the couple

Flax seeds have remarkable properties on health and especially on couple fertility. The oil obtained from these seeds is beneficial for the female reproductive tract, acting as a hormonal balancer, but also for the health of the male sperm. It fights infertility and increases the chances of conceiving a baby!


Flax seeds have been appreciated for thousands of years for their healing properties. The linen is an herbaceous plant, which has its origin on the Caucasian realms. But the plant is grown in Romania on very large areas.

It has a stem of 1 m and at its top a blue flower grows. The ripe fruit of the plant contains oval seeds. They have two colors, either brown or golden and are medicinally effective when they reach full maturity.

Properties and benefits

For therapeutic purposes only flax seeds are used. They have action:

  • purgative;

  • emollient;

  • anti-inflammatory etc.

Flax seeds are rich in Omega 3 or Omega 6 essential fatty acids and have several beneficial influences:

  • combat cardiovascular disease;

  • prevent constipation;

  • prevent hemorrhoids;

  • decrease the risk of Parkinson's disease;

  • improve digestive function;

  • improves diabetes;

  • decrease the risk of arthritis;

  • increase fertility;

  • prevent eye drying etc.

Flax seeds and fertility

The seeds of linseed contain an essential component in maintaining the health of the female genital tract and in preventing some diseases: Lignans. This substance has a composition similar to estrogen, which is naturally found in the body and antioxidants. This ensures the stabilization and balance of the estrogen-progesterone ratio in the body, which has several benefits in the reproductive tract:

  • improves uterine functions;

  • regulates the menstrual cycle;

  • relieves dysmenorrhea or premenstrual syndrome;

  • endometriosis fight;

  • treats infertility.

Men also benefit from the consumption of flaxseed in terms of fertility. These ensure better sperm quality and an improvement in the properties of ejaculated sperm.

How is it administered?

Flax seeds can also be consumed in the natural state, but the best results in the health of the body are obtained from the administration in the form of flour or oil.

The oil can also be used in daily nutrition, but it avoids administering too large quantities (more than 5 tablespoons a day) because side effects like intestinal blockage can occur.


  • during pregnancy or lactation, use with caution; it is best to follow the directions of a doctor;

  • it is not indicated in certain types of cancers: ovarian, uterine, breast.

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