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Are the children fasting?

Are the children fasting?

Fasting is a period of spiritual and bodily purification, in which you prepare your mind, soul and body for a holiday that follows, whether it's Easter, Christmas or another. It is widely understood as an abstention from certain foods. In fact, it involves a deeper spiritual education, which should be encouraged by our children.

When we think of fasting, we think of abstaining from meat, milk, eggs and other foods of animal origin. When analyzing the relationship between children and children, problems already appear: you probably think that your little one does not eat as much as you should and wants, but you also restrict access to certain foods, which he eats anyway. with alas.

At what age should children begin to hold a job

Children between 0 and 12 years old should not hold a job. But in reality, the age at which a child can hold a job depends on the religious beliefs and adherence of the family he is part of, as well as on the way he is educated.

Between 2 and 10 years it is advisable to try to discipline the child from a spiritual point of view. This is more important than the dietary refusal of fasting. Children should be taught by small prayers (specially created for them) and, at large, by the symbolism of Christianity: about Jesus Christ, God, Saint Mary, etc.

How does the child learn about the significance of the job?

It depends on each parent how the problem of the job in the child's education is raised. If you tell the child from the beginning that this is just "giving up chocolate, cakes and other goodies", the child will have an aversion towards it and will become rather frightening to him.

Also, the most important thing is that you, as parents, understand the position very well and hold it with determination and devotion. If you have a positive attitude towards him and are part of the family traditions, then the child will adapt more easily.

Children need context to better understand the post. This is why his spiritual education needs to be done in several stages, including stories with religious morals (for example), Bible readings (there is a Bible for children), as well as discussions and teachings about religious symbols.

Going to church is another step in bringing the child closer to the idea of ​​religion, spirituality, and which can help him better understand this period. Make short visits at the beginning. He does not force him to go if he does not want to, nor does he oblige him to stay at his job.

For children, food restriction is not so important during fasting, but rather religious education and spirit. That is why it is important to talk to the little boy about the traditions of each holiday, about the significance of the job, what role it plays and why we keep it. It is important for him to understand that it is a period of spiritual preparation.

Play is another means by which children can be taught the meaning of the job and its importance. Various designs, games with religious influences can be of great help. You can create the Post Tree, with the number of fasting days that follow and you can make leaves or fruits, each representing one day. Every day you ask the child to color one more, but only after that day he says the prayer, he does a good deed, he learns something new about faith in God and the good of our neighbor.

The culinary part of the job is a purely personal choice, of the family. Young children are not obliged to abide by all the food rules of the Christian-Orthodox fast. If you do, you have to take care of the pluses and minuses of such a diet, which is actually a vegetarian one, and yet make sure that the little one does not lack the essential nutrients in the diet, required for good growth.

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