Beneficial foods for the baby in your tummy

Beneficial foods for the baby in your tummy

Nutrition is essential for optimal pregnancy development and normal fetal growth. On the one hand, there are foods that allow you both to have the energy and strength to cope with the changes and to develop healthy and strong foods and prohibited foods that affect pregnancy. But there are some foods that favor the development or growth of the fetus in your tummy.


In addition to rich calcium resources, zinc is the second essential nutrient found in yogurt. It helps in determining the child's genetic material and in the formation of DNA. Calcium helps to develop and strengthen baby's bones. Probiotics contained in some types of yogurt help digestion and strengthen immunity.


It is the main source of DHA, an omega-3 esnetial fatty acid that helps to develop the fetus's brain and nervous system. However, you have to be careful about how much you consume, because salmon is one of the fish with high mercury content, so it is good to limit yourself to a maximum of 360 g per week.


It is a food rich in folic acid. Only beef liver and fortified cereals contain more than this. Folic acid is essential in the prevention of congenital malformations in the fetus, especially the spina bifida. In addition, it is a vegetable rich in antioxidants and other vitamins that gives you energy and health.

Cow cheese

During pregnancy, the protein requirement increases from 46 to 71 grams per day. Proteins are the cornerstone of intrauterine growth and development of the fetus. Cow cheese is an excellent source of protein and offers as a bonus and calcium, another essential nutrient in baby growth.


These are among the most valuable foods both in pregnancy and in daily health. They have numerous nutritional properties, including the content of magnesium, fiber, protein and vitamin E. It has been shown that babies born to mothers who have adopted a pregnant Mediterranean diet (containing full almonds) had a lower risk of asthma or allergies.


Your vitamin B and choline resources decrease considerably during pregnancy, because they are absorbed by the fetus that needs them for brain development. Therefore, it is important to constantly "replenish" the body with reserves of these nutrients. Eggs are the best option in this regard. Attention, the hill is in yellow so it is essential to eat it too!

Limit yourself to a hard boiled egg or an omelette consisting of 3 egg whites and 1 yellow egg a day.

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