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Returning to work after birth, 6 things to consider

Returning to work after birth, 6 things to consider

Do you want to get back to work as soon as possible after birth! Doctors believe that a woman is able to go to the post-natal service after the period of laughter, which lasts 6 weeks. But the decision to return does not depend solely on physical recovery. Maternity leave can be extended or shortened depending on other things you need to consider!

When considering the idea of ​​returning to work, ask yourself and analyze some essential things:

1. Is your job physically demanding?

If you plan to return to work as soon as possible, then consider this criterion. You will not be in maximal shape, even if the 6 weeks of exhaustion are over, you will be exhausted and your nerves are stretched to the maximum, and your physical effort will not do you any good and you will not be able to cope with them.

2. How many hours do you work daily and in what kind of shifts?

If you want to get back to work faster than 6 weeks then you must know that if you work more than 20 hours a week this will not do the body any good. Your body needs time and rest to recover and not help it that way. Even after a month and a half, you should try to avoid working full time and avoid working in shifts. It gets you tired even more and don't forget that you still have a "job" and at home, take care of your baby!

3. How much understanding will you have from the boss to miss from time to time?

Before you make the decision to return to the field of work, think about or talk to your boss about some conditions that could make you miss the job that the status of a fresh mother implies:

  • medical emergency;

  • frequent medical checks;

  • a limited working hours program, etc.

See what you think about reaching an agreement on this and then decide if you continue your maternity leave or not!

4. Do you have a quiet and private place to pump milk if you are breastfeeding?

Probably the most suitable bath, right? But not the most hygienic! Breastfeeding is not such a simple process and, in addition, requires total relaxation of the mother to bear fruit. So make sure you have a quiet little room at work where you can pump milk if you do not want to choose with breastfeeding or a hungry baby.

5. Do you have anyone to leave the baby with in your absence?

Surely the desire to return to work in such a short time is also determined by the limited budget you receive on leave. So, think about who you are leaving the baby with and if you can afford a good one or raise it even if you return to work. Make calculations and see if, after their payment, you get to receive the same amount you received on vacation, which makes vain your effort to work during this period when you could stay near the baby who needs you so much.

Leave the child in the care of a person you trust and who has the experience to take care of the child.

6. What do you lose and what will you gain if you return to work faster?

No one tells you to necessarily stay 1 year or 2 at home, but it is good to carefully weigh the benefits and regrets of returning to work less than 6 weeks after birth or even immediately after. Many moms have regretted that they didn't spend the first few months, the most important of his development, along with their little one and lost a lot of things: the first smile, the thud.

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