Tips tested by moms for an easy birth

Tips tested by moms for an easy birth

Vaginal birth is one of the events that give cold backs to pregnant women. It is the moment in the task of which they are most afraid and for which they have a lot of emotions. You have read and heard on the left and right what to do to give birth easier, but you are not very convinced of the information received. Then consider a few tips from moms who have gone through this experience!

Plan your birth, but don't expect it to follow!

The idea that "counting at home does not match the one in the fair" fits very well in such situations. Although it is a natural tendency to plan the birth in the smallest detail, the mothers who went through it claim that they did not respect the plan at home at all. So it is good to make your plans, but to expect that everything will not go according to him so that you do not stress very hard.

You don't have to take your house after you in motherhood!

You will need so few things in motherhood, but you will tend to move there completely. Depending on the hospital where you give birth it is even possible to provide you with diapers and beds or other benefits. Take only the strictly necessary in the maternity bag!

Learn to recognize when your water breaks!

Many moms claim that they would have been delighted to know beforehand that not always breaking the water (loss of gelatinous cervical stopper) is equivalent to a sudden and quantitative discharge of fluid. Occasionally, it may happen that the break in water will notify you by a simple slight leakage of amniotic fluid that you can easily mistake for leaking urine. They would have wanted to know that!

Also, you must know that this flow is continuous, that is, it does not end immediately after you feel the first wave of fluid. This leakage continues until delivery.

Do not be afraid of the pains of childbirth, they are not so bad!

And in no case something unbearable. Moms who have already given birth claim that they do indeed exist, sometimes they are quite intense, but that there are some things more painful in life than those at birth. More distressing than the pain itself was for many mothers the exhaustion, lack of energy and power.

Do not expect the newborn to look like baby pictures from magazines!

Moms expect their baby to be born for a few seconds to look like magazine photos. In fact, babies are quite "ugly" at birth, they are eggplant and dirty and they look like little aliens, but you fall in love with them because they are yours!

It is possible to vomit or get rid of you on the birth table!

Vaginal birth involves intense physical exertion, and pushing is the main driver of the baby's expulsion. When your doctor urges you to push as hard as you can, it is possible that not only will your fetus be expelled, but you should be surprised that you did it. Also, exhaustion and prolonged effort can make you vomit at birth.

Shoot the birth or have your pictures taken!

Many moms now regret, after birth, that they have no more visual memories and testimonies about that experience. Yes, it is true that some things are unpleasant, such as blood and other medical aspects of birth, but the experience itself is amazing. However, not all moms want to have someone next to film them in such positions. If you still think you would like to have this memory, do it!

Surround yourself with loved ones!

You need support and understanding, as well as the warmth and affection of others. Do not go through this alone! It is wonderful to know that you have someone to rely on and that everyone is with you. Emotionally speaking, mothers argue that this helps more than any medicine and causes any pain to pass.

Other tips from moms in the community regarding the time of birth

Paris Monica: I went with great confidence when I was born, of course with the emotions of rigor. All you need to know is that the effort is totally worth it when you get to hold your baby in your arms, and the pain disappears as if there were none. My advice is to go with an open heart and with confidence, so the birth is much easier. So very successful, future moms.

Samtex: I was also born easily, I was sewed and I didn't sit in the bottom for a week. After I came home with the baby I was on one side only and it was fine then slowly I came back completely. Girls will not be afraid of the moment of birth, I was born at 18 and I went to maternity trust, and even I was happy that I will not keep my arms in a long time. The trouble comes after you are born to go through all the stages of your child's life. So the birth is not difficult at all, then the difficulties come.

Georgivilia : I was born normal, vaginal, with an episiotomy. The whole pregnancy I had so, behind the mind as they say, I feared that I might die at birth, and my child would remain without my mother. But for me the baby, pregnancy and childbirth were a step in the faith, I always lived in God with confidence, and I think a lot of people prayed for me, because when I went to motherhood I was super calm and everything I did- it was fear from the medical process, we all passed well, calmly, and had a normal and easy birth.

Little Princess: All the pregnancy I had fears, but I had a courage at birth that I did not even believe I was capable. I felt so strong and I thought that no matter what it was, I would face baby first. Believe me, God strengthens us in those moments. And anyway, then you look at those pains.

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