Microwave foods are safe

Microwave foods are safe

True or false?

Today, many people still refuse microwaved foods, believing they are not healthy. Their fear is based on the confusion between microwaves and radioactivity.

It is claimed that microwaves would be a source of dangerous waves, and foods that are so prepared would absorb these waves, lose nutritional value and become carcinogenic. Warming the milk in the microwave would be dangerous for babies.

In fact, microwave foods are not dangerous. This is what results from studies on the effect of microwaves on food and the formation of toxic substances. Long-term exposure to high doses of microwaves can have a negative effect on the human body, but these doses are never achieved in the normal use of the microwave oven.

Microwaves are not carcinogenic

A microwave oven works with electromagnetic waves that make the molecules in food vibrate to heat them. The waves are not dangerous to the people who use the microwave oven. The active magnetic field in the furnace is very small. Microwaves respond to very strict security rules. Hazardous waves cannot exceed certain thresholds.

Tests carried out by consumer organizations show that these areas are 10 to 100 times smaller than the norms, depending on the type of oven. Obviously your device must be in good condition.

Therefore, check from time to time that the way the oven is closed is optimal, that the window is not broken. In case of problems, call a professional to remedy them.

Health benefits

  • Certain vitamins are sensitive to moisture. In the microwave oven, you can boil food with less water or bake. Vitamins are thus better preserved.

  • Microwave ovens are suitable for cooking with little (or no oil). You also don't need oil to reheat food.

  • You can use less salt. The flavors remain in the food and do not go away as it happens when we cook traditionally.

Tips for use

Never release the microwave when it is empty. The machine might. In case of poor maintenance or if a device is broken, it can be dangerous.

Only use dishes that are specified exactly as they can be used in the microwave oven. This is not related to waves or radiation, but it can happen that the material will melt and migrate into food.

Never use metal inside the microwave oven. The metal does not let the waves pass, makes the screen and can exit the spark inside the oven.

Do not use hermetically sealed containers in your microwave oven as they may explode under vapor pressure. Simply put the lid on, without closing it so that the vapor can pass over the lid.

Use a special container for cooking the eggs inside the microwave and do not forget to prick the potatoes. Both foods can "explode" inside the oven.

Source: ANEC

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