Baby massage, choose natural products

Baby massage, choose natural products

Your child brings a new dynamic to your family, and the process of mutual knowledge is very important. The first way of communicating with your baby is the tactile one, so massage is a wonderful way to establish trust and help build an intimate, warm relationship between parent and child.

Baby Natalia Massage Oil is an organic sunflower oil, perfectly natural, which takes care of the delicate skin of your baby.

The massage can also stimulate the child's still undeveloped systems: circulatory, nervous and immune and can benefit the heart rate, breathing and digestion. It also encourages muscle elasticity, can improve the child's ability to relax and can help improve the sleep program.

Massage is an instinctive, natural expression of love and friendship. How to massage your child will probably come naturally, but there are some principles that might be useful to you. You can feed the baby anytime. Many parents prefer to do the massage in the evening, after the bath and before bed, as part of the child's daily routine.

You will find handouts with useful massage information, including simple instructions for how to massage your baby in the New Parent Survival and Blissful Baby sets.

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