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Valentine's Day, activities from which the child learns about love

Valentine's Day, activities from which the child learns about love

Valentine's Day celebrates love. But all types of love should be celebrated on such a day, not just the one between a man and a woman, the passionate one. It is a good opportunity to teach the child to learn that there are many types of love and to share it around him, whether it is for family members, a dog or a play buddy. Here are some cute ideas to get your little one more involved in this holiday.

Teach the child to surprise family members

You can help and teach the child to make some surprises for loved ones, evidence of love and appreciation for them. Tell her about what you can do together and always ask her what she thinks would suit each member of the family and why. Here are some ideas:

involve him in cute activities for this holiday, creating garlands for the house and other decorative objects;

teach him to make crafts for Valentine's Day and then give them to loved ones.

Make the cakes and share them with your dear neighbors

Surely you have a neighbor or neighbor that you like, that is part of your family and that the child loves. It is time to teach the child to show his love and appreciation for him on such a day. How? Involve it in the preparation of a few cute cookies or cookies (make various fun shapes of them, including hearts).

Then have him use his imagination and create an arrangement with the cookies (a beautifully colored box, with red ribbon and other decorations that the little one can make suitable for his age). Then go to the neighbor and have the child give him a gift.

Visit an orphanage center, a children's hospital or an asylum for the elderly and take some care

Explain to them before they are the placement centers and the nursing homes, why they are children or old people there, how they feel and how much they need affection and attention. Then make the connection with Valentine's Day and explain that this is a day when everyone should feel loved, appreciated and ask if it would not be a great idea to surprise some children who feel alone. . It is a good opportunity to learn about compassion, empathy and sharing with others.

Then you can find a lot of ideas together on how to make your day more beautiful. From donating older toys, which the child no longer uses and until preparing some cakes or making greetings or crafts.

Teach him to show appreciation for friends

It may not be the age at which Cupid throws arrows into his heart and does not go through the experience of first love, but teach him to show his love and affection towards his best friends. On Valentine's Day you can show them that there are several types of love, each with its own specificity.

Ask him what he thinks would suit his dear friends as a small gift on the occasion of Love Day. If you see that he is rude and fails to respond, help him with a few options: a greeting card to write a nice message, a craft, a cake, etc.

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