Medical tests that any mom needs

Medical tests that any mom needs

Taking the right medical test at the right time is the most important thing a woman can do, but especially a mother. Not many women know the mandatory screening tests and tend to omit them from their regular check-ups with the doctor. Screening tests are aimed at early detection of cancer, diabetes and other diseases that can be treated if discovered early.


It is one of the most important and safe methods of early detection of breast cancer. Its regular production substantially increases the chances of survival because it manages to identify the form of the disease at an early stage, when it is curable.

If you are between 20 and 30 years old and you do not have risk factors for this disease, then it is advisable to do mammography every 3 years, and after this age even annually or at the doctor's recommendation.

Pap smear test

Cervical cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in women today. Papillomavirus (HPV) infection substantially increases the risk of producing this disease. Early screening can detect the disease on time, when it can be cured. This test is called Papal Babes and involves collecting a sample of vaginal discharge from the cervix.

It is advisable for women to take this test every year, starting at age 21 or at the beginning of their sexual life.

There is also the option of a vaccine against this type of cancer, which is given to girls and women between the ages of 9 and 26 and which has the role of providing immunity against the disease.

X-ray dual absorptiometry

This is a screening test designed to measure bone mineral density and detect signs of osteoporosis before osteoporotic fractures occur. Not only does it detect the disease early, but it has the great benefit of predicting the risk of bone fracture in the future, as well as the evolution of the disease.

Bone density testing is generally recommended for women over the age of 65, but it is also done for young women, where there is an increased risk of producing the disease.

Skin cancer screening test

The most common type of skin cancer is melanoma. It is a malignancy that affects the cells that produce the pigment of the skin. Like many other types of cancer, its early detection ensures a very high cure rate.

Since sun exposure is an extremely high risk factor, physicians recommend annual mump testing and any changes that occur in the skin.

Diabetes screening test

Most of those who have this disease many know only when it collapses. This leads to a lot of complications and fatal conditions: heart attack, blindness, severe kidney disease, etc.

The sooner it is detected, the more it can be controlled and complications can be avoided with the help of sports and nutrition. It can be diagnosed by an extremely rapid blood glucose (plasma) test.

If you are healthy and do not have an increased risk of diabetes, then you should take the test every 3 years starting at the age of 45. If you are predisposed to his appearance, then his frequency will increase, and his age will be lower.


Colorectal cancer has advanced far beyond the common causes of death, and in terms of its evidence in women, it is the third leading cause of lung and breast cancer mortality. The modern lifestyle (stress, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle) contributes fully to its emergence.

Colonoscopy is a frequent screening test used to detect colorectal cancer. But this is a type of cancer that appears at old age, so this test is recommended after age 50. Given the rather disorganized lifestyle, doctors recommend achieving it even beyond this age.

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