Good manners, how do you teach him to talk on the phone?

Good manners, how do you teach him to talk on the phone?

Babies have a special attraction to phones because they always see you talking to them and they become a source of interest. First he plays with them, throws them back and forth, because later he begins to imitate a "hello", a result of the behavior seen in others. At some point, during preschool, you have to start learning the good manners for when you answer the phone and talk to someone.

Talk to him about what he has to say on the phone!

  • The first step consists of explanations. Talk to your little boy about what he has to say when the phone rings and pick up the handset. Tell him you have to say "Hello" first and then "Hello, I'm X".

  • Teach him what to say when someone asks a family member "Wait a moment, I'll call mom / dad / grandma."

  • If the respective family member is not at home, teach him to say "X is not currently at home, can you call, please, later?".

  • The child must know how to end each call by saying goodbye to that person, so learn this, because that is how a person is maneuvered.

  • Teach him to always ask who is on the phone!

  • It is important to ask this in order not to give precious information to strangers. Explain to him that he must always ask who he is talking to and if he does not recognize his name or voice, he will never say that he is alone at home for his safety.

Play RPGs together!

It is best for the child to learn by putting into practice everything you say. So, take 2 mobile or toy phones and create a small scenario where you talk on the phone to check if the child has understood how to proceed when the phone rings. If it fails, correct it gently. You have to repeat them several times until they get into the routine.

Don't teach the child to lie to the callers!

Do not put the child in the situation of lying to you. For example, if someone you know is calling who wants to talk to you, but you are not willing to do that at the time, do not ask him to say that you are not home, when you are right next to him. It is best to take the call or tell them to say that mommy cannot speak right now, but that she returns with a phone as soon as it is released. Don't encourage the lie!

Child's age and how to use the phone

4 years

By this age, most children already know how to:

  • answer the phone and say "hello";

  • to have a very short conversation;

  • to say "I call him immediately" when the caller wants to talk to someone in the family and go to tell him that he is wanted.

6 years

  • up to this age children can be educated to ask who is on the phone and not to give information to strangers by phone.

8 years

  • up to 8 years of age the child should be able to pick up a message for a family member when he is not at home, including a name and a phone number.

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