How do you help girls develop their self-confidence?

How do you help girls develop their self-confidence?

How do you help girls develop their self-confidence?

Little girls have always been weaker in terms of self-confidence or self-esteem compared to the opposite sex. They are sociable, communicative, always good at school, but somewhere between preschool and school age they are overwhelmed by a mix of social pressure, expectations too high and fear of failure that make them unsafe on their own.

Teach her to be clear, concise and categorical!

She teaches the little girl that when she expresses the needs and wishes of adults and other children she should be as clear and categorical as possible without stopping. In this way it will prove more secure. It is important to be as safe as possible. If a child says something ugly, explain to her that she must be ready to say, "I don't like how you talk to me", in the most categorical way!

Be specific in the compliments to her!

Being smart, good, nice, polite are essential, but impersonal qualities that many children have or should have. You have to be concrete! For example, if he has a few verses in his mind, don't tell him he has a smart girl, tell him he has a very, very good memory.

Don't overdo it with compliments!

Just because she recited a poem does not make her a perfect actress, as if she does not know a song does not mean that she has a native talent for music. Do not exaggerate in compliments by saying great things. Enjoy the improvements that come along, without generalizing success. For example, if she managed to learn a song longer than the previous one, tell her that she has made a lot of progress and that her memory and voice are improving as the day goes by.

Let her do it alone sometimes!

Parents are extremely protective and always eager to jump to help little girls when they are in distress, because they are "more sensitive." Don't rush to help her finish the assignments or tasks you delegated to her first sign of weakness. Let her stand alone when she falls and try to intervene only if she asks for your help or if you see that even after a few minutes she is unable to finish the job.

Encourage her to play sports and even sign up for a performance if she attracts her!

Sport is an activity that should be encouraged in girls. Many parents do not know, but there are a few essential reasons why girls should play sports and have unique benefits in their growth and development. Improves self-esteem, self-image and strengthens self-confidence are just some of the qualities of sport in the lives of little girls.

Never reproach them for their weaknesses!

Don't try to make her feel even more insecure by reminding her how weak she is at math, for example, or that she still can't write. This does not mean that it is less intelligent, but that it develops harder or that it has more work to do with these chapters. It is important to help her overcome these weaknesses without ever impregnating them in her memory. Be subtle and give her the help she needs!

Don't compare her to other children her age!

Many parents make mistakes when trying to determine the degree of development of their little girl by comparing it to other little girls of the same age with her. Moreover, they end up reproaching him, because he "doesn't know English as x or fails to multiply like y". This will not motivate her, but it will frustrate her and make her feel even more insecure about it. Remember that it is unique and that it develops itself!

Help her have a good opinion about her own body image!

Little girls are preoccupied with body image and quickly fall into the trap of eating disorders if they are out of sight and if parents do not care to inoculate a healthy image of how they look.

When he asks you if he is nice, always answer them with an enthusiastic "yes", but don't overdo it! Whenever you praise her the way she looks, do it by associating it with an action she was doing at that time. Tell her "how graceful and beautiful you were today at ballet time" or "your eyes were shining when you recited poetry at the celebration."

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