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Do you leave the baby in the care of your grandparents?

Do you leave the baby in the care of your grandparents?

Your child's grandparents are wonderful. I love the baby very much and would do everything for him, but are they fit to take care of the baby? You think that instead of hiring a nanny to charge your parents for this job, you are not sure that they will cope without spoiling them or even infusing them with more food than they should. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of leaving the child in the care of the grandparents!

Many grandparents succeed in successfully and dedicating the role of children's educator. However, many remain inoculated with old parental principles and patterns, which no longer apply today and could override your entire child-rearing system.

Benefits of caring for the grandparents

  • they are the most trustworthy people with whom you could leave the child, which is soothing and reassuring to you;

  • are experienced, I know to change diapers, which means that the water is too cold or hot etc .;

  • grandparents tend to reinforce in the child's education values ​​and concepts of family union, traditions and respect;

  • it doesn't cost you anything financially;

  • In this way you know all their habits, habits and vices and know how to control them properly so as not to interfere in the education of the child;

  • it is much better protected and safe; if the child is not taken to foster care, he or she is more protected from serious contagious diseases that can be taken and other diseases;

  • you are sure that he will receive the attention, but especially the love he needs so much in your absence.

Disadvantages in the care of the child by the grandparents

  • there is a danger that grandparents may prove weak in the education and discipline of the child because of their extremely close relationship with the child and give in to his mischief, without in any way admonishing the wrong behavior;

  • you might have some controversies and disputes with them based on how it is "better" to raise the child; grandparents follow old and classic rules of educating and raising children and may ignore the requirements and rules imposed by you regarding discipline, food and sleep, thus undermining your authority;

  • the low energy level of the grandparents, ie the dynamic, could be a disadvantage in trying to cope with an extremely active child or in acting promptly if the child is in danger;

  • also, grandparents will not be able to draw a complex educational model regarding modern stimulative, educational and development lessons like a specialized bone; he may not know how to learn foreign languages ​​or know pedagogical methods appropriate to his age and to the activities he has to do;

  • there is also the danger that everything that you have managed to build in the behavior and good behavior of the child up to this age will fall under the excessive pampering with which the grandparents tend to coax the children;

  • as they get older, people become more easily irritable and less patient, so they can get out of their wires easier than young people around their little ones;

  • the system of rewards / punishments has undergone multiple transformations over time; if in the time of the grandparents the battle was broken from Heaven, today the punitive forms that use the rod are abolished; make sure grandparents understand this very well;

  • statistics have shown that grandparents are among the main culprits for increasing the number of obese children; they are accused of giving their nephews excess sweets and very large quantities of food compared to the availability for physical movement they have today.

Georgiana Mihai: I think grandparents can be involved in raising a child, they can learn good things, I grew up without them and I felt the lack of them.

Cristinna: Grandparents are a treasure! This is my opinion because my parents helped me and helped me enormously in raising and educating the child. They were always with us in the true sense of the word and from all points of view; they are intellectuals and they take care of my puppy's education, he has to learn from them, and my father is very pleased to take care of him, to draw together, to learn the numbers, the letters ... I leave home quietly when needed I know he is well taken care of. I thank them for being with me.

Ofelia Teodorescu: It is true that grandparents should be part of the grandchildren's life, but not grow them. It is better to be raised by parents and to be limited to visits and vacations to grandparents.

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