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Asthma in children, caused by fast food products?

Asthma in children, caused by fast food products?

Asthma is one of the most common diseases in children. The specialists identified a new triggering factor: fast-food products. The discovery was made after careful study of the influence of children's diet on this condition.

How fast food products and asthma, how does it influence?

Fast-food products such as hamburgers and fries are high in health-damaging fats. Experts claim that more than one hamburger a week in children doubles the risk of breathing problems and asthma attacks.

Those who suffer from asthma have frequently experienced inflammation of the airways shortly after consuming such products.

Foods high in saturated fat affect the immune system, but this is the first time an association between respiratory problems and them is found.

Moreover, it seems that the asthma medication does not work as well as for those who do not consume asthma. Doctors believe that saturated fats may interfere with the substances in the medicines, preventing their therapeutic effect.

As a result of this discovery, specialists argue that a low-fat diet may be the way to control asthma symptoms.

Obesity and asthma

The specialists already suspected that there is a causal relationship between overweight or obesity and asthma in both adults and children, but they have never been able to prove this theory. This time, the doctors were able to identify some good reasons:

  • the excess fat in the body puts pressure on the chest and prevents the lungs to function at maximum capacity; this could cause the muscle around the lungs to contract more, which could lead to asthma attacks;

  • inflammation in the body occurs mainly in the obese, which leads to worsening asthma symptoms;

  • Overweight causes sleep problems such as sleep apnea, which can lead to worsening symptoms.

Fats, sugar and food additives have long been associated with the risk of asthma, and fast food products are full of such ingredients.

Common factors that favor the onset of asthma

  • allergies;

  • infections;

  • environmental factors (pollution, cigarette smoke, exposure to certain toxic substances)

  • food additives (monosodium glutamate, salicylites, sulfates, etc.)

  • emotional factors (stress, fatigue, etc.)

  • drugs.

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