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Annoying things that children repeat

Annoying things that children repeat

Young children tend to learn some vocabulary that they obsessively repeat in their vocabulary. Many of these almost make you reach the end of patience. Not a few times did you give in, just-you just don't hear it repeated endlessly the same thing. Others make you suffer and think that you may not be the best mother. Remember that they are used as emotional blackmail, sometimes spoiled, in an attempt to make you become like him.

It's not fair!

Whether you don't get what he wants or punish him for any mischief, he will always accuse you of not being fair to him. He also puts on an angry and restrained grunt and is already stepping on your nerves. Instead of letting him constantly tease you, try to get this answer out of his speech.

Tell him that instead of this answer he might tell you what he feels about what you said or did or use a response like "can we talk about this?" or "I do not agree with this punishment" etc.

I want now! (toy, walk in the park, etc.)

Children also roll on foot if it is just for you to fall into their trap and satisfy their cravings. One of the methods is to grin that he wants an immediate thing, without waiting for a second. And you only hear for a few minutes "I want it now, now, now ..." so that your hair gets on your nerves. This depends on how you educate him and teach him that he has to wait to receive something at the right time.

You never let me do anything!

If you tell him it's not time to go play with his best friend because it's almost lunchtime, he will react by remembering all the things you have forbidden and will never let him do it. nothing. It is not necessary to ignore, to get angry or to despair. Talk to him, under this answer there are a number of feelings and frustrations that bother your little one! Share your experiences together and help him understand how things are actually!

I do not want / You are not my master!

When you try to force him to do something or the other way around, when you forbid one thing, many children have the impression that it is a command. And then they get used to always saying "you're just not my boss." Many parents make mistakes and encourage this vocabulary by saying "yes, they are!" or "do you want to bet that I am?".

These answers are said by you to your nerves, when you are already at the end of patience, but you must find other ways to debate the child's dissatisfaction. Look for alternatives to the action he wants / does not want to do and teach him to express himself correctly!

You're a bad mom, I hate you!

Also a method, often successful, of emotional blackmail on parents. You should never take it personally or satisfy your lusts as it may love you more. What he says has nothing to do with what he means. Teach him to express himself correctly!

It's just mine!

Children want everything for them and they don't want to share with anyone what they have! You always hear "it's mine and mine alone". No chance to make him give you something or share it with other children! Then it is the case to answer them with the same currency, to make him understand where he is wrong. When he wants something from you tell him that it is only yours and after you take it in turn explain to him how he feels and you or another child asking for something.

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