The couple's relationship and the child's growth

The couple's relationship and the child's growth

What often happens to a couple after giving birth? In some cases, the relationship between the partners deepens and intensifies even more, in others it cools down and a separation occurs due to the exaggerated attention paid to the child. Learn to love yourself as much as before birth, even after the baby is born!

Parents who love and are happy after the baby's appearance. What is the secret?

All couples have problems, some smaller or larger than others. The key to the happiness of a marital relationship after the birth of a child is how the two manage to make certain decisions.

With the advent of the baby, say psychologists, there are several problems and situations in which the couple must make decisions, and sometimes differences and conflicting opinions can appear.

The way the couple manages to cooperate and reach a common denominator can save or break up a marriage.

The ability to listen to each partner is another important step in overcoming certain crises that may occur in the couple. The ability to withstand each other's outbursts and not to respond with the same currency can help the couple overcome many of the problems and conflicts that may arise.

Joint participation in prenatal courses and various medical examinations and pregnancies helps both the mother, but especially the paternal viitoryl to better understand what awaits him after the babies come into the world and to realize what it really means to have a child.

Common quarrels and conflicts in the couple after the child's appearance

There are several reasons why couples argue after the baby appears in the family.

  • those who become newly parents are often asked about the division of labor: who and what is doing in raising the child;

  • when children grow up, financial disputes and conflicts arise;

  • sex is one of the things that start with more problems in the couple; mothers have a low libido immediately after birth which can be prolonged over several months - they are caused by hormonal changes that occur after birth; open communication with the partner can help the couple overcome such problems;

  • lack of emotional connections between partners; With the baby's appearance, the whole attention of the mother in particular will turn to the child, and she will invest all her love in him, neglecting the partner.

What can couples do to stay together and love each other?

  • first of all you must communicate openly about absolutely everything, there must be no secrets or retentions;

  • to know how to listen to each other;

  • make decisions by mutual agreement, and when you have conflicting opinions, debate them by weighing the benefits and disadvantages of each election;

  • make time for your relationship; remember that moments in two are just as important as those given to the child;

  • hires a good time or ask the grandparent of the child to stay from time to time with your little one in order to go to a meeting with your partner, to go out for a movie, a tear, etc .;

  • do not try to reach the child just for you, excluding the partner from its care - get involved in the care and raising of the baby;

  • take care of your appearance even after birth; don't forget that before you are a mother you are a woman and you have to take care of yourself; if you do not pay the necessary attention it is possible to remove the partner from you;

  • spoil each other whenever you have the opportunity; even a flower bouquet for mom or a box of candy is a wonderful gesture that can bring you closer; neither do you relieve yourself from neglecting him and from time to time make him a small gift or prepare his favorite dessert.

Moms in the community debate the topic on the forum

The community moms also debated the topic on the forum and shared experiences regarding the couple changes that occurred after the baby was born. They advocate for urgent action if emotional separation occurs in the couple and for the time spent together.

Blue65: it is true "scartite" on the couple's side ... before we were just 2, we had time and we made time for whatever we had proposed, but now, we depend on 90% of the stump; we have to make efforts to find more time to relax, to sit in a quiet movie, etc.

Ioanag: You girls are perfectly right, the scents take up 90% of the time, so we should at least 10% manage to give it to us, because if we as a couple did not work just as we would like and the chicks would be affected. I don't know how to say it, but before we were non-stop together, we always went out, hiking, etc. Now the state of my home is about to end, because I am not the domestic type and that is why there seem to be discussions between us. I think we need to do our best to make time for ourselves as well, because that is how we create a climate suitable for the growth of children. "

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