Tricks to keep you from getting pregnant

Tricks to keep you from getting pregnant

A future mother with normal weight should accumulate by the end of pregnancy between 9 and 13 kilograms. In general, a pregnant woman should talk to the doctor about the weight she must reach at the end of 9 months and have to pull her teeth not to overtake her. Find out how to avoid accumulating extra pounds during pregnancy!

Women have a tendency to fall into various traps and to use the excuse that they are pregnant to accumulate more pounds than they should. Arm yourself with tricks to deal with temptations during pregnancy.

You don't have to go on the "eat for two" idea!

Often, women fall into this extremely dangerous trap.

Even if you have to slightly increase the portions during pregnancy, they should not under any circumstances double. A pregnant woman should consume only about 300 calories and no more.

Make a list of nutritious, but especially satisfying, healthy foods!

The secret: eat healthy, but especially satiated. If you stock up on a pretty good list of foods that have the ability to keep your hunger away for long periods of time, you will get rid of the need for permanent snacking that can attract many extra pounds. Attention, focus on how many foods that have essential vitamins and nutrients, but are also satiated!

Make a list of foods to avoid during pregnancy!

When making this list of foods that are dangerous to your figure, you must consider the following criteria:

  • they are very caloric and have a lot of fat;

  • they do not bring any essential nutrients into the body or the vitamin (so it doesn't help the babies or you);

  • they are not satiated;

  • I endanger your pregnancy: alcohol, smoking, caffeine, etc.

Eat a little and often!

This way you will keep your stomach permanently occupied with digestion and the hunger sensation will not appear as often. Eating a little and often means eating balanced!

Drink plenty of water!

Pregnancy hydration is more important than at any time of life, ensuring not only the health of the pregnancy, but also the normal development and growth of the fetus. As for the silhouette, water plays the same positive role in maintaining optimum weight. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day (but be it water, at most you can add natural teas or juices). This will help you temporarily keep away the feeling of hunger.

Pay attention to snacks and cravings!

Even though cravings may be the ones that can fool you and take you straight to the first fast food to choose the most tasty, but unhealthy foods, you should just try to taste them and not mess with whole portions.

It is important that you do not gain much weight in the first trimester of pregnancy (even when your appetite appears). Therefore, you must be aware of minimizing portions even under the guise of appetites and culinary temptations.

It replaces the craving or need for harmful snacks with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Weigh frequently!

You need to check your weight as often as possible. It is important to be constantly aware of how much you have accumulated in each stage of pregnancy, to know whether or not you have been within the normal parameters and what measures you need to take.

Pregnancy diet journal!

Diet journaling has always been a very good weight loss method for women. During pregnancy, it can help you even more, because in this way you will have control over what you have eaten and what changes have occurred. You will know if you need to change something in the diet or add in the prism of pregnancy notations. Plus you can show the doctor at regular check-ups to give you the best tips.

I move every day!

Even if you are not a fan of sports halls or sports training it is important to be active during pregnancy. Go as long as you can on foot, take long walks or call a specialist to create a program tailored to your preferences and your movement ability.

Call specialists!

If you feel that you cannot manage and control your weight alone, call specialists. Both the nutritionist and the fitness instructor can help you overcome the burden without extra pounds.

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