Kinder brings Autumn Surprise

Kinder brings Autumn Surprise

Kinder launches Kinder Surprise chocolate egg on the Romanian market after a nine-year absence. On this occasion, Kinder has prepared a unique event for children and parents, marking numerous premieres for Romania: a surprise hunt that records a new World Record approved by Guinness World Record, a lot of fun (Bruce Airhead) and a multicolored maze in the form of alveoli, where the little ones discover fairy characters - Colorscape.

It all started with a two-week teaser period, during which the little ones were asked What is Autumn Surprise?, And their opinions were recorded on the site dedicated to the surprise. en.

Here is the time for the disclosures - guests from the Children's World Park are the first to find out what Autumn Surprise represents! Virgil Iantu maintains the atmosphere and sets the tone for the fun, presenting the main attractions of the event. Those present, young and old alike, enjoy, for the first time in Romania, the representation of Bruce Airhead, the special guest from the United Kingdom. Another premiere is Colourscape, a place detached from the colorful world of childhood, where each visitor has unique experiences.

The children are trained in various interactive and interesting games, all culminating in a surprise hunt. Together with its small helpers, Kinder Surprise aims to record a new World Record approved by Guinness World Record: the world's largest surprise hunter!

Guinness World Record representatives are present on site to certify success. Kinder Surprise is the first surprise egg in the world, being created more than 30 years ago. It is a sweet specialty, covered with milk chocolate, egg-shaped, with surprise inside.

The product was quickly loved by the little ones, because it combines in one product a toy, the surprise of discovery and milk chocolate. Kinder Suprise was present on the Romanian market until 2002, later being replaced by Kinder Joy. Subsequently, the two products will be alternatively on the market, depending on the seasonality. Kinder Surprise will cover the temperate seasons over time

Kinder Joy, due to its lighter content, is intended for hot summer months.

Every day, worldwide, over 6 million Kinder Surprises are sold, which supports and demonstrates the position of market leader in the eggs category with surprises, which the product has internationally.