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Spermogram is the test that analyzes in the smallest detail the semen of the man, the one who is responsible for the procreation. Any doubt about a man's fertility is removed with the help of this test, which presents all the optimal parameters in which the sperm should fit in order to fertilize an egg. Find out everything you need to know about such an analysis!

What is the spermogram and what does the analysis entail?

The spermogram is the sperm analysis that shows best whether a man is fertile or not.

If a couple fails to conceive a child, and the woman has been subjected to all analyzes without any fertility problem, the possible causes of male infertility are analyzed.

The first target is sperm and its properties: the quality, the quantity and the mobility of the sperm, highlighting all the characteristics necessary to establish a diagnosis.

This analysis is done not only for the detection of sterility in men, but also if a vasectomy or reversal is performed, the patients doing the test to ensure that the procedure was successful.

The results and normal values ​​of the spermogram

After collecting the sperm and analyzing it in the laboratory, the doctors establish all the details regarding the quality, quantity and motility of the sperm, so that they can diagnose infertility.

The results of the spermogram are framed between certain normal parameters in which its characteristics should be found to be functional, as follows:

The amount of sperm and the number of sperm

For a man to be considered fertile the quantity of ejaculated sperm must be within the 2.5 values. - 5 milliliters / ejaculation.

Doctors consider it normal to have 30 million sperm per milliliter of semen, and that number can reach 150 million. Any figure below 20 million sperm per milliliter of seminal fluid suggests the presence of an abnormality.

Sperm quality

The detection of sperm quality is based on the analysis of the appearance, shape and structure of the sperm, which is the best indication of whether or not a man is fertile.

In order for a man to conceive without problems, so to be fertile, specialists say he must have over 60% of cum ejaculated with all three normal characteristics.

The best percentage of doctors for male fertility is about 70%, but studies have shown that even a small percentage is promising and does not dramatically affect the man's ability to conceive.

Mobility of sperm

Doctors consider that a normal value if more than 60% of the sperm have the characteristics of movement and speed appropriate for the penetration of the egg.

In other words, if at least 8 million of the sperm met in ejaculated sperm have normal motility characteristics, the man is considered fertile.


Fructose is a carbohydrate that is added to the ejaculate, and its amount can predict certain pathologies of seminal vesicles. The minimum amount indicated by doctors is 300mg / ml.

What does this test entail?

Collecting a sperm sample from the patient. This will be done under certain conditions that each man must respect:

  • the semen is collected in a clean container either by masturbation (at home or in a private room in a clinic) or by coitus interruptus (avoiding ejaculation in the partner's vagina during a sexual act and directing it to the recipient;

  • the sperm container must reach the laboratory within one hour after collection;

  • do not put sperm in the refrigerator;

  • Avoid exposing the container to the sun or to large temperature variations.

What conditions must be met before the test?

  • sexual abstinence about 2-5 days before the analysis, but no more than 2 weeks;

  • avoiding alcohol a few days before, but also coffee or cigarettes, which can have an influence on the results;

  • avoiding drug treatment and announcing the doctor if you are under the influence of someone (certain drugs influence the test results);

  • Avoid exposure to radiation or chemicals, such as pesticides and spermicides.

Locations and prices:

  • Sanador Clinic - Spermogram - 50 lei;

  • Focus Lab Plus - Spermogram - 34 lei;

  • Medsana Clinic - Spermogram - 70 lei;

  • Gynera Clinic - Dracea dr., Dascalescu dr., Damian dr. - spermogram + sperm culture - 110 lei;

  • Euroclinic - Spermogram - 90 lei;

  • Omini Clinic - professor Mircea Onofriescu - spermogram - 70 lei.

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