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Bath games for your baby

Bath games for your baby

How to make the little boy's bath a fun and relaxing activity

Your baby's bath can be a turn-by-turn activity. There are babies who like to swing in the water and others who show an aversion to it.

To help the baby overcome this hop, but also for each bath to be fun and educational, here are some ideas of activities and games that you can undertake at the bath.
Each activity and game you introduce into your daily bathing routine brings with it important benefits for you, and especially for babies:

- ensuring a smooth and long sleep of the little one, with as few wakes as night;

- an efficient method to consume the accumulated energy;

- relaxation through fun;

- development of certain skills;

- education and knowledge.

Before moving on to playing methods, you must know that the water in the tub must be warm - neither too hot nor too cold (check with your elbow), so that your baby does not feel the temperature difference and thus scare and cry. Then you have to start using it slowly, slowly, gradually getting used to the water. You must always make sure that you hold it very well with both hands, especially when playing with it, to be permanently safe. And then, the fun can begin!
1 . "Fishing" the prawns

You can play with your little one with the props a few floating rattles, which you put in the tub. Then, holding the baby well, let him try to catch them.
2. Musical anatomy lesson

There are various songs that teach the little ones who are the parts of the body - while you wash it with the sponge and soap, sing about each part of the body and show them exactly what they are. In time, a very useful anatomy lesson can be proven, thus teaching the child body parts.
3. And the balloon does ... little!

Nothing is more enjoyable when playing with your baby than putting in a special bath foam for children and then making soap bubbles with which the little one has fun, breaking them in an attempt to catch them. You can also use special devices that make such balloons, not only bath foam or soap.
4. And the waterfall flows ... how?

Put in a plastic glass or a toy water from the tub and pour it slowly from above on his belly or, if it supports, slowly over the staple. You can use the sponge well soaked with water!
5. The first swimming lessons

Each bath can prove to be a useful swimming lesson; Although it may seem small to develop such skills, trying to show him what are the steps that would make him float in the water can be extremely fun; hold the palm under his belly, and the other hand above and let your little one to shake hands and legs, guiding his movements.
6. Mirror

This item can prove extremely useful and fun, especially for babies who do not like to be washed on the head; try to make the hair of the little boy various hairstyles with the help of shampoo and water and then show them the mirror to see how funny it is; From here, everything can turn into a real game of talents, and head washing will become an activity that will delight you.
7. Toys

If at first we talked about rataste, the most common in water games for children, find out that other toys can be used to entertain your little one and to make the bath a relaxing and enjoyable activity: colorful balls, fishes, squid , mermaids and other toys of this kind, can become the subject of a "fishing" session - honestly, just that the toys are not very small, so that there is no risk of swallowing them.
8. The plague of water

One of the most fun and intuitive actions that your baby will do is sniffing the water. All children love to see how they splash when they hold their hands like two shovels and burst into water; show him how to do it and talk to him continuously creating the feeling that what he does is fun.

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