Diapers with moisture indicator, for mothers attention

Diapers with moisture indicator, for mothers attention

You are already an expert at changing your baby's diaper, but still wondering what kind of diaper you should use to give your baby maximum protection and comfort. Wondering how often the baby should be changed to avoid irritation or to feel clean and dry? Read below the experience of some moms in the community to find out about diapers with moisture indicator.

Adriana, Rares's mother

For me, the invitation to the event organized by Pampers was like a well-deserved disconnect. I am the mother of a beautiful boy of 3 months, but fatigue and routine had accumulated and I felt the need for a new activity, an evening in the city as between girls; and the evening of January 21st was even more so, because we had additional information and new information, useful tips on raising a baby.
The event took place in an intimate and warm atmosphere, it was practically a discussion at a cafe. We were presented with the new product that is part of the Pampers world, a truly innovative product - the Pampers Premium Care diaper with moisture indicator. From now on, Pampers Premium Care diapers, sizes 1-3, will have an area that changes color from yellow to blue when it comes in contact with the moisture inside the diaper. That is a great help at the beginning of the beautiful road of fresh mom.

Also from the Pampers experts I found out and what are the other strengths of the new product: it is thinner by up to 20%, the material from the interior approaches the consistency of cotton, has a unique system of absorbing soft seats, contains a layer of aloe vera for moisturizing the baby's sensitive skin, and the grip system on the body is ultra-flexible; in other words, it represents the best solution for a mother and her baby: maximum protection against moisture (up to 12 hours, which is extremely beneficial at night, for example, when I avoid changing her diaper so as not to disturb the baby's sleep), freedom from movement for the little one, optimal skin care, comfort in movement.

After presenting the new diaper, Mrs. Roxana Rusu Pusca (pediatrician) and Cristiana Haica (psychologist), two extremely well-prepared ladies, simply wiped out many of the questions of the mothers in the room; I received tips and answers to questions on topics such as: recommended breastfeeding nutrition, newborn jaundice, the right time to teach the child to potty, premixed breastfeeding drugs and more.

Some moms have presented various situations they went through with their babies and received appropriate advice.
We were encouraged to ask questions on the Pampers facebook page for general concerns about raising a small child, and for particular situations, we should ask the pediatrician. The young mothers also had a suggestion for the Pampers team, that the diapers that are sold individually be packaged for safe hygiene.
At the end of the evening, the organizing team was extremely attentive and kind to our mothers and we received each one of us a gift; part of it consisted of packets with the new moisture indicator diapers that I tested as soon as I got home to my little boy. I was more than excited about the new diapers, which I will recommend to other moms (neighbors, friends, loved ones from the forum I am working on). The motto "5 star care" really deserves its name! Because in the end being a mother means giving everything that is best for your baby and he will surely reward you with the most innocent and beautiful smile!

Andreea, Luca's mother

On January 21st, I was invited to an event organized by Procter & Gamble and Pampers. The atmosphere, good mood and comfort were the key words that accompanied us throughout the event.
Mrs. Roxana Rusu Pusca and Cristiana Haica (pediatric doctor and psychologist) provided us with valuable information regarding the health of our children and the whole family. With great love and kindness they answered all the questions asked by the mothers.
We have been using Pampers Premium Care since birth. They are very thin and comfortable, so my little boy can be active as long as the day is. His skin remains fine and dry even when playing is in everyone. I like it the most, and I can say that it also helps me, the fact that they have a moisture indicator, which changes its color from yellow to blue. I find it much easier when the diaper needs to be replaced with a fresh and clean one.
Pampers daily helps me to be a careful and caring mom and supports me with products specially created to pamper and take care of my little boy at all times of the day. Pampers Premium Care even offers us 5 star protection!
And do not forget, our children want to grow healthy!

Alina, Irina's mom

Together with two other moms in the community, I was invited to an open discussion about baby needs and the new Pampers Care Award product.

The specialists present at the event were extremely nice and answered all the questions that grind us, the new mothers. The information was very useful because I learned things I didn't know about the evolution and development of children.

I was surprised to find out how important comfort is to a baby who has more sensitive skin than an adult and needs to be protected from moisture, but at the same time allowed to breathe to prevent any skin irritation and can affect the baby's life and later in his or her life as a child, adolescent and even adult.

Another aspect of this baby's need for comfort is the psychological one because, as explained to us at the Pampers event, the permanent feeling of discomfort of the baby can affect its psychological and emotional development.

What I found absolutely revolutionary about the new product created by Pampers is the moisture indicator. How does it work? On the outside of the diaper there is a narrow band that, when the diaper is dry, has a yellow color, but as the diaper gets wet, that band gets a blue color thus indicating to the mother the optimal time to change the baby.

Besides the information related to this new product, which looks a lot like a panty because the material from which it is made is very fine and gives the baby the comfort of "touching cotton", the doctored ladies answered kindly to all the questions that their mothers asked participants even if they were not directly related to the respective product.

Thus I learned how important is the availability of the mother to spend quality time with her child, especially up to the age of 3 years, the period in which the brain develops. The child should be cared for with love and stimulated during this period, and the parent must be present as much in his life and as relaxed in his presence. The environment in which a child develops is extremely important for his later evolution.

I felt very good at the event, the discussion went on naturally as if I were a group of friends of a lifetime who are sitting on a chair, although I had never met, I learned many essential things for me as a mother and for that thank you Pampers Premium Care.

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