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Chicken meat with orange

Chicken meat with orange

A delicious recipe Chicken Carnita with orange, prepared for her chicken, Edi. The recipe is recommended for babies 1 year +.


  • 2 oranges;
  • half a chicken breast;
  • a quarter of onion;
  • 2 carrots;
  • 1 parsley root;
  • 2 suitable potatoes;
  • parsley;

Chicken breast is washed and cut into cubes;
In a heat-resistant vessel, put a spoon of oil, place the chicken meat;
The onion is cut into small pieces and put on the meat;
Carrots and parsley root are cleaned of the rind and cut into small rounds or cubes and put in a bowl, next to the meat;

The potatoes are cleaned, cut into cubes, added to the meat and vegetables;
From the 2 oranges, remove the juice that is poured over meat and vegetables, add water and give to the oven;
When ready, sprinkle finely chopped green parsley.

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