Accommodations for babies and children

Accommodations for babies and children

Child and baby accommodations are so frequent that many parents stop worrying about it. If the blows are often minor, they can sometimes have serious effects, even endangering the life of the little one.

It is true that, especially in the first year of life, you cannot predict the child's accommodations. As he tries to get up and walk alone, the child will unbalance and fall. It is important to prevent, however, the accommodations from above (from the crib, from the table to be wrapped), on hard surfaces (tiles, cement). Especially the head injuries can have long term side effects.

What we do when the baby falls

If you are used to doing your daily tasks by letting the little one play alone in his room, it would be better to change this habit.

Leave unattended, little ones can climb on cabinets, chairs and other furniture and fall, causing injuries or even fractures.

When the child falls, proceed as follows:

  • Do not panic! It's good to keep calm and know how to act. Tears of the little one are often caused by fear and not pain;

  • Calm the little one by taking him in his arms, then evaluate the severity of the blow. The young child is strongly influenced by the mental state of the mother; if you are careful, you will notice that sometimes the little one does not panic after the blows unless he sees a similar reaction from you;

  • Apply a cold compress (ice) on the area to prevent swelling;

  • If the child has grumbled in the accommodation, rinse the area thoroughly and disinfect it. Then put a patch on it;

  • If the child is injured and the bleeding does not stop after 10 minutes, a medical consultation is required;

  • When the child hits the head, it is good to go for a check even if after a few minutes the child has forgotten what happened. The skull box is still soft and the fontanela is not completely closed, which is why the head of babies and young children is a vulnerable area, which is good to protect;

  • Blood clots or tumors that can develop are very dangerous. Doctors are of the opinion that, if the lesion does not occur after the fall, there is no cause for concern. Even if any edema has been created, it usually resolves itself in a short time;

  • If you notice changes in the behavior of the baby after the fall or if the little one can no longer bend his head so that he reaches with the chin in the chest, it is necessary to go to the doctor. The child's meninges may be affected.

Go to the doctor if your child has the following symptoms:

  • He is drowsy;

  • Has vomiting / dizziness;

  • He loses consciousness after the match;

  • He has seizures;

  • He has severe headaches;

  • Has a changed behavior;

  • It has a pupil more enlarged than the other;

  • Has speech problems;

  • He sleeps very deep and wakes up with difficulty.

If you cannot stay permanently near the child, you can arrange for the little one a playground where he can play quietly and protected; thus, you will be able to stay more relaxed. When falling from its height, the child can not hit very hard, especially since the little ones have much more elastic bones than adults.

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