Gift Ideas for Kids Easter

Gift Ideas for Kids Easter

For children Easter is also an opportunity to receive gifts. Besides the classic gifts consisting of rabbits or chocolate eggs, there are many other options for the little Easter attentions that your child will definitely adore.

Read on to discover Easter gift ideas for kids: from handmade gifts to religious-themed gifts.

What you can offer to your child Easter

• Children are perhaps the happiest when it comes to holidays. For the Easter holidays, buy your little Easter themed clothes: they can be stockings, a t-shirt, pajamas, blouse, slippers, or whatever else you do with your eye through the shops.

• The extra animals with the Easter theme is a gift you go for sure. Your child will be very excited to receive breeders, installments or extra rabbits.

• Easter is a great opportunity to give your child a gift of Bible stories. Books like this are educational but also fun and your little one will understand the true meaning of the Easter in a simple way. Choose a book specially designed for children, with colorful illustrations and text as much as possible.

• If you have a little girl you probably already know she likes to "cook". You can buy them a Easter bag with a cross pendant or the symbol of the Christian fish, or even earrings with rabbits.

• Most children love to play with pets. If you are ready to buy your baby an animal, now is the perfect opportunity: you can buy a rabbit or even a small baby to look after (if you stay in the yard).

• Also at Easter you can buy your child a book of fables, from which he can learn valuable morality lessons.

• If your little one has artistic inclinations you can buy him a coloring book with Easter motifs, or you can download coloring sheets from here.

Personalized gifts

• Gift baskets are a very good Easter idea. Find baskets with gifts already assembled in the store or you can make one, at a lower price. For starters you need a raffia basket. Also buy straw or colored paper to put on the bottom of the basket and some chocolate eggs and small toys from the stores with a fixed price. Instead of chocolate eggs you can make yourself some healthier sweets to put in the basket or even make them together with your child.

• For Easter you can offer your child DVDs with movies to watch with the whole family: Chicken Little, Finding Nemo, etc. You can find more movie ideas for kids here.

• Children are usually very possessive when it comes to their plate, spoon and fork. You can buy your child a set of plates and cutlery personalized with Easter theme.

• The pasta, with its connotations of rebirth and a new beginning, brings to mind spring and everything that comes with it. It is the perfect opportunity to buy your child a few flower and vegetable seedlings to plant and care for them. You can even plant a fruit tree to be his, and to take care of. He will thus teach you to be more responsible but also to take care of nature. Buy her a gardening set for children instead of the classic sweets.

• Another idea would be to buy your child a pair of rabbit ears and organize a "egg hunt". You need some empty plastic eggs to put surprises in: a small toy, a candy, a sticker, a ring, etc. Hide them in a few places in the house and ask your child to find them as a rabbit.

• You could also make a rabbit cake. Involve the whole family in its preparation and decoration. Or you can surprise him and give it to your child on Easter morning. Sure he'll enjoy!

• Another low-budget idea is to make "jewelry" from jellies for your little one: necklace, bracelets. He'll have fun all day brushing on the ornaments.

Happy Easter and increase shopping!

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