Oriental salad

Oriental salad

The oriental salad recipe, simple and delicious, is recommended for babies of 10-12 months.


  • two potatoes
  • a heart of onion
  • a yolk of egg
  • half a lemon
  • a tablespoon of olive oil
  • four grains sea salt
  • 1. The potatoes are cleaned, washed and boiled;
    2. Boil an egg;
    3. When the potatoes are boiled, remove, cut into cubes;
    4. The onion is cleaned, washed, cut in half and the middle is removed, which is cut into small cubes and added over potatoes;
    5. The egg is cleaned, and the yolk is removed, which is added to the salad;
    6. Add the tablespoon of oil, lemon juice and salt.

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