Coconut fiber mattress for babies

Coconut fiber mattress for babies

Coconut fiber mattress it is ideal for babies. The type of mattress that the baby sleeps in every day really affects the health of the spine. Firm mattresses with 100% natural coconut fiber help to fight back pain, help spine health and good blood circulation, which is why you can use this type of mattress for older children as well, with a higher layer version. latex, which is a bit softer.

For children, it is best to purchase a spring mattress. When you want to choose the right mattress for your baby, the most suitable is the coconut fiber mattress (it needs to be turned from side to side from time to time).

Check the manufacturer and the quality of the mattress filling. The very good quality ones are not cheap at all, and the natural coconut fiber is firmer, reduces the risk of allergies and has a longer life, is capable of withstanding rot, decomposition and deformation.

How is the coconut fiber mattress?

The fiber is treated with special ecological solutions, which help prevent the appearance of insects of any kind in the mattress of your baby. A normal coconut fiber mattress should be hypoallergenic, very firm, made of polyethylene, with a ventilation layer, covered with latex, to retain the heat, to be comfortable, with normal humidity and temperature, easy to wash, aesthetic .

The inner layer of mattresses of this type is composed of a thick layer of coconut fiber coated in latex, with three centimeters of polyurethane (for firmness) on each side, which increases the comfort level. The material with which they are covered has a zipper on one side and has a ventilation layer that regulates the temperature, with polystyrene and cotton.

The natural latex is made of syringe and synthetic rubber, usually derived from the latex syringe by vulcanization, within which the porous surface appears. Due to the honeycomb-like microcellular structure, synthetic rubber has an average lifespan of over 10 years.

Other types of mattresses for babies

If you do not allow such a mattress, choose a mattress filled with polyurethane foam, but with insulator and cotton cover. If you want a classic mattress, the one with a compact spring support is cheaper, but less suitable for children, because it does not do well in the spine. Look for one with coconut fiber layers added on both sides.

Orthopedic mattresses are those that are meant to prevent or treat bone problems and should have the arches distributed in the same way throughout the mattress surface. And coconut fiber is used for this type of mattress, precisely because it is a very hard filling and is good for the newborn's sleep. In order to find a quality orthopedic mattress, it is best to look for a specialist store that can offer you a guarantee.

Anatomical mattresses are not the same as orthopedic mattresses, because they involve molding according to the shape of the human body, but they are not recommended for babies.

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