How to place the furniture in the baby's room

How to place the furniture in the baby's room

The furniture in the baby's room should be placed in the best way to be as practical and useful as possible. Planning the way the room will look should be done before you buy the furniture and you can try to make a layout on paper with how you would like it to be positioned in your child's room.

Later you will be able to see if the measurements match the space offered by the room or you can make your own furniture to order.

The best place for a crib

Determining where to place the baby's crib is the most important thing. Do not place it near the window, due to light, air flow, etc. Try to put it along the wall, and if the room is large enough you can put it perpendicular to the wall to access the crib on both sides.

This way you will use even less of the wall, which you can use for other pieces of furniture.

If you want a round crib, you can place it either in a corner or in the center of the room, to the extent that space allows it. The central position of the bed gives the feeling of comfort and great space. You could also add a canopy, if you like the idea. Plus, your baby is the most important item in the room, isn't it?

Table to be wrapped

One solution for the diaper changing space is the location near the sockets, so you can put in the sockets, the lamps. It is useful to have in the immediate vicinity the closet with clothes and a trash can.

The shelves and the toy cabinet

The wall shelves add a useful space for storing the different objects you use or even the decorative objects. If you have a small space available, choose a narrow and tall library instead of a larger one, to have the best use of the room.

The toy cabinet occupies the least space in the room, so you can place it anywhere you have left unused space.

Other important details

  • Try not to cover the decorative motifs on the walls (stickers, themed wallpaper), and if another solution is not, you can overlay the smallest pieces of furniture to cover as little as possible.
  • Try to place the baby's furniture and crib away from sources of heat or cooling, such as resources or fans (air conditioning, heater, radiator). If the baby is exposed directly to hot or cold air currents, this may cause his skin to dry out.
  • Make sure that the curtain strings are out of reach of the little ones, to avoid potential accidents.

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