Dr. Phil's diet

Dr. Phil's diet

Dr. Phil's diet

Dr. Phil's diet is famous throughout the world. The famous doctor Phil McGraw has spent eight years of his life advising overweight people. "The approach I had with them is the same as the one you will find in my book, the final solution to losing weight: 7 solutions to lose weight," he says.
Dr. Phil outlines 7 key points through which you can come to understand and face personal truth - how you see yourself and your weight. You must then replace these messages with positive thoughts.

"Everything is about changing you from the inside to the outside, because being fit and healthy is the most normal thing in the world for you," says the doctor.

"By this change from the inside to the outside you will be able to achieve and maintain your ideal weight, the weight that is healthy and normal for your age and stature, a weight at which you feel comfortable and happy and last but not least, a stable weight, that you manage to maintain because you have control over the factors around you. "
You will learn how to master your emotions and the urge to eat. The doctor writes about how you can replace an unhealthy habit (such as eating french fries) with a healthy one (taking a shower).
The first step is to replace the unhealthy food in the fridge with healthy food, high in fiber, low in calories and which cannot be eaten too quickly or too often.
Exercise should become a priority. "You cannot control your weight throughout your life without physical exercise," according to the doctor.
It is also very important to build a circle of reliable people who will help, motivate and support you throughout the diet.
The book contains case studies, tests and tables that will help you put the whole theory into practice. It is recommended that during the diet you begin to write a journal.

What you can eat

Dr. Phil recommends foods that require a lot of time and effort to prepare, cannot be eaten quickly and are not available. These foods have many nutrients - carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber - but low caloric content. They are not processed, have no sugar or food additives.
These foods include colorful vegetables and fruits - red, purple, orange, yellow, green; whole grains; eggs; over; lean meat; tofu; weak dairy products; soybean; water and flavored teas. Soup, for example, is part of the preparations that the doctor recommends, because it is satiated and its preparation takes a long time.
The doctor also agrees with the foods that substitute meals (drinks or special cakes) for people who are very busy and as a temporary solution to not let the temptation prey. However, the doctor recommends caution in case of meal replacements, because they do not have to completely replace the diet.

Example of tables

- Breakfast: a small omelette with vegetables, half grapefruit.
- Lunch: salmon, green salad with tomatoes, brown rice.
-Dinner: roast beef, turkey breast, chicken or fish; spinach or broccoli, a small baked potato.
To speed up the weight loss process, I reduce my consumption to two tablespoons of oil or fat per day. In the case of snacks, eat fruits, vegetables or weak dairy products. About two three fruits a day and two dairy products a day.
A special emphasis is placed on the early planning of meals and the control of portions. It is advisable to eat slowly, relaxed.
Alcohol is almost completely excluded, Dr. Phil being of the opinion that it can lead to weight gain and interfere with certain vitamin complexes.
Instead of a beer with friends, the doctor recommends physical exercise at a gym. You must clean your house of alcoholic beverages, and when you go out, order natural juices instead of alcohol.

How it works

Dr. Phil is of the opinion that with this diet, you will no longer have to rely on will. The seven key diet tips are not based on the will, which is whimsical.
You have to "program" yourself for success. Start by making small changes in your lifestyle.

The seven key tips to lose weight

- Positive thoughts. Think you will succeed and you will gain more confidence in yourself.
- Heal your feelings. Don't let stress, anxiety, depression convince you to use food as a medicine for your problems. Acknowledge that you have a problem and solve it.

- Environment. Change your environment (the apartment, the office) so that there are no temptations anymore.
- Do not eat unless you are hungry. One of the main reasons why people get fat is that they eat although they are not hungry or even if the sensation of hunger has disappeared. People are eating out of the ordinary or eating more than necessary and these things should be avoided.
- Cooking foods that require a lot of time and effort to prepare, cannot be eaten quickly and are not available. Choose foods with many nutrients, from carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber, but low caloric content.
- Exercise. Dr. Phil strongly recommends frequent exercise because it is a very important step to gain control over your body, regulates your metabolism and makes you lose weight. It has to become a habit.
- The trust circle. You need to be surrounded by reliable people who will help, motivate and support you throughout the diet.

What the experts say

Dr. Cynthia Sass, the spokeswoman for the American Association of Dietitians, believes that Dr. Phil's approach is very good and that diet ultimately leads to a change in lifestyle. She thinks the diet is healthy.
Sass also appreciated that the diet also has a psychological dimension, often ignored by other diets.

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