Diet with cabbage soup

Diet with cabbage soup

Diet with cabbage soup

If you find the prospect of eating a huge bowl of cabbage soup with a few other low calorie foods daily for a week to lose weight, then the cabbage soup diet is the ideal solution for you.
You have to keep in mind that this diet is one with fast effects, and that is why it is also very popular, but it can become boring and could have negative effects on health.

The diet with cabbage soup is not individualized in any way, does not include an exercise program, does not want to change your lifestyle. The diet includes a strict list of what you can eat every day for a week.

Most of these foods will have to be prepared on your own because they are not found in restaurants.
The diet with cabbage soup guarantees that you will lose up to 5 kilograms in a single week, but the diet cannot be kept long term. If you still want to lose weight with this diet, the specialists recommend that you take a considerable break before you take it again.

What you can eat

The 7-day diet is based on the fact that you can eat in any quantity, but only the recommended foods, and you must eat two servings of cabbage soup a day. Other foods included in the diet: fruits, vegetables, low milk and meat. Those on the diet are also advised to drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol.

Sample for a week

Day 1: Cabbage soup and what fruit you want, besides bananas. You can still drink unsweetened tea, unsweetened tea and natural fruit juices, or water.
Day 2: Cabbage soup, whatever vegetables you want (except beans, peas or corn), and a baked potato with butter.
Day 3: Cabbage soup and the fruits and vegetables listed above.
Day 4: Cabbage soup, maximum 8 bananas and two glasses of weak milk.
Day 5: Cabbage soup, maximum 350 grams of beef, chicken or fish, maximum 6 tomatoes and at least 6-8 glasses of water.
Day 6: Cabbage soup, maximum 3 steaks and vegetables at the discretion.
Day 7: Cabbage soup, maximum two cups of brown rice, unsweetened fruit juices and vegetables at your discretion.
The recipe for the preparation of cabbage soup has several variants, but most often includes cabbage and assorted vegetables with low calorie content (onion, tomatoes, carrots, etc.) and is seasoned with broth or tomato juice.

Soup recipe

A packet of dried onion (mix) for soup
2 broth dogs
A celery cut
½ chopped cabbage
3 potatoes cut into cubes
2 chopped peppers
6 large green onions or a large yellow, white or red onion, cut
2 canned tomatoes cut into cubes or whole
Salt, pepper, parsley, soy sauce for taste (or any other sauce you like)
Heat the oil in a pan and heat the vegetables, apart from the cabbage and tomatoes, until softened. Add the broth, soup mix and spices. Leave everything on the heat until it boils well and add the tomatoes.
Dieters should pay attention to the high sulfur content of cabbage and other green vegetables, as it may cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

How it works

The diet works because the caloric intake is very low (around 800, 1,050 calories, when you should not eat less than 1,200 calories per day).

It has fast results, but the problem is that all you lose weight is fluid, which means that by the time you switch to a normal diet, you will put all your weight back into place. The diet is also very boring and does not bring you the necessary daily intake of nutrients.

What the experts say

Experts are very skeptical about this diet and often say that it can lead to failure. Many of those who hold it, believe the specialists, will consider it a failure and will abandon it. They recommend a diet that is richer in nutrients and includes exercise.
If you still want to try dieting, it is best to consult with a doctor beforehand. You need to be prepared to cook a lot during this time, and to feel weaker than usual.

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