Ampicillin in pregnancy

Ampicillin in pregnancy


- In the third week of pregnancy I drank 6 tablets of ampicillin 500 due to an abscess. Does it affect pregnancy? Can I keep the baby?


Studies to date have shown that betalactamide (the class of antibiotics to which ampicillin belongs) has no adverse effect on fetal development and implicitly on the evolution of pregnancy.
Moreover, ampicillin is one of the few antibiotics whose administration is allowed in pregnancy.
Because the inflammatory response, which appears in response from the body to the presence of a purulent collection (abscess), can affect the fetus more than the treatment presented by the possibility of determining uterine uterus due to increased prostaglandin secretion, it is imperative to maintain a good collaboration with the current doctor for effective management of this condition.
Much health and easy pregnancy!