Episode 2: On the way

Episode 2: On the way

With the card in the wallet and hand cream, garlic and grapes in her pink backpack with kitsch princesses, we managed to pass the first intersection. And the second. And the third. Well, we are no longer in danger of returning home, so we breathe easy.

An hour and a half road awaits us, so how short. In fact, the perceived length of the road is fixed subjective and depends on the number of questions of the type "as much as we have" you receive and the number of songs you listen to the above road.

In our case, the number of songs listened to during the hour and a half journey was "ONE", the same song on repeat, which my brain actually refuses to hear.

When Mr. V., smarter than me (that's why I took him), acted accordingly and directed the exclusive sound to the speakers behind the car, as if I had resurrected. I swear it seemed to me that I heard a chorus of angels, which was extinguished quickly, to let me enjoy the peace.

In the antithesis, the number of questions "as much as we have", due, of course, to the enthusiasm to go to the mountain - more precisely to the salt mine, stretched to infinity. Basically, all the way I did was to answer "we have another hour and a half", "we have another hour and 28 minutes", "we have another hour and 26 minutes", "we have another hour and 24 hours" minutes "and so on, I feel that my brain hurts and I only remember.

I finally reached the first destination.

We read on the big panel that the salt temperature does not jump 12 degrees, we look for clothes in bags to equip children. I forgot to tell you that the outside temperature has a good salt temperature of 33 degrees on the day, because on the ground (ie in my children) it is probably higher. But, as responsible parents as we are, we equip children with flowing pants from the car, in order to be prepared. Because Emma's sandals are "between her fingers", I remove a pair of rubber slippers from her trunk, where she can fit her feet with socks. Ema agrees to leave the sandals in the car and leave with pink slippers, from which are hung some colorful flowers.

What we didn't know was that the road to the salt mine is made with minibuses that arrive from half to half an hour and takes about 15 minutes.

We manage, through guerrilla techniques, to strip the children of bibs and socks, but the techniques are over when we reach the pants. The children prefer to die in the fluffy pants they put on them 3 minutes ago, hoping that if they hold them, we will get to the saline sooner.

Finally, the minibus appears. We are glad that we are his only passengers, climb and strategically sit on the first rows, to see through the windshield. Fip announces majestically that "we meditate with the vina saline" and leave.

The road is becoming more and more impressive, through twisted tunnels, which go down floors and floors. But none of this had prepared us for the true size of the salt mine. We reach the end of the tunnels, we get down, we re-equip the children with jackets, socks and caps, we open the door and ... we feel overwhelmed by the saltiness.

An aspect of the gigantic cathedral tears our eyes. I feel a little out of there. The children were astonished by the height of the ceiling, the intensity of the echo and the experience, in total.

Ema declares with sincere despair:

- Wow, how it looks here ... And I'm wearing these slippers in the yard ...

Good thing I even washed them in the car before we left home.

The family series is written by Diana, Emma's mother and Fip. She spreads her good ideas and beautiful thoughts on You can follow it on the Facebook GangBlog.

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